2016 Miami Boat Show

I went to the Miami Boat Show last weekend. Originally I planned on going to the show 2 days, but the show seemed a lot smaller than it has been in previous years, so I was able to see everything except the power boat docks in just one day.

Here’s a short preview of some of the toys and boats I checked out.

Rainman makes a line of portable, modular watermakers. They’re the only company I know of that makes a small gas powered model.

Rainman gas powered watermaker

They also have 2 different electric models, and 3 membrane options to choose from. The smallest produces about 11 to 16 gallons per hour.

Rainman watermaker

I’m not a big fan of the really big cats, since most are designed for charter, not private owners. The Fountaine Pajot Saba 50 is one of the few exceptions.

Unlike the other big cats, the helm on this one is just a few steps up from the cockpit, not 5 stories in the air, completely isolated from everyone else aboard.

Fountaine Pajot Saba 50

Privilege had 2 big catamarans on display at the show. Unfortunately, that little sign says, “Not for sale to US customers, while in US waters.” Too bad…I had my checkbook with me.

Privilege Catamaran

The TRU32 is a new 32′ South African catamaran. Unlike all of the other smaller cats out there, this one has a much bigger cockpit for entertaining.

TRU32 Catamaran cockpit

Instead of the usual single queen and 2 smaller bunks that you see on smaller catamarans, the TRU32 has a forward cabin on each side, both with a queen size bunk.

TRU32 Catamaran cabin

Due to it’s large cockpit, the TRU32 has a much smaller foredeck than other cats. The one thing I didn’t like was all of the hatches open from the rear. The free air conditioning when on the hook, isn’t going to work as well that way.

TRU32 Catamaran deck

The Tomcat 970S has always been one of my favorite small cats. If it wasn’t for the price, I may have gone with this boat, instead of the Gemini. They recently moved the helm to the starboard side. On previous models, the Tomcat had a center helm.

Tomcat 970S Catamaran

While I was waiting for the water taxi, we saw this little boat cruise by. It’s a one man solar powered catamaran, made by Solar Cell Sailor.

solar powered catamaran

The VSN V 360 is a waterproof 360 degree action cam. It shoots HD video in every direction, from a single imaging unit, and it’s priced lower than a GoPro. It will also work with the Go Pro Suction Cup Mount. I think this is going to be Sparky’s next camera.

VSN V 360 HD Camera

There was also a company that had inflatable paddleboards, with tie downs positioned so you could attach kayak seats to them.

SUP with kayak seat

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  1. Wow how interesting! I have always been fascinated with boats etc as I love water sports but in all honesty I do not know much about boats and sailing. Although this summer my goal is to change that. I would love to go on a boat trip with my boyfriend just for a few nights… I love the idea of it… can you get people to sail etc for you? Neither of know so we would be a bit stuck with this part… what would you suggest?

    • If you’re looking to learn how to sail you can search for local schools and instructors with ASA. If you’re just looking to go out for the day or a short trip, searching google maps or Trip Advisor would be the easiest way to find a boat.

      If you’re looking to do a extended charter, you can meet some of those companies at a boat show, or go directly to Moorings or Sun Sail, or just do a google search to find a private operator.

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