A Job On The Water – I Actually Get Paid For This?

We’ve been back in the Keys for just about 2 weeks now. We’re still getting settled, doing some cleaning, and doing some de-cluttering on the boat. I’ve started working at my new job on the water, at Sea Monkeys. Things have been little slow, since it’s still a little early in the season and due to the weather, but I have done 3 jet ski tours so far.

Rather than sitting in the shop all day or sitting on my boat answering the phone and emails, I just pedal my bike down there and they push me off the dock. I don’t even need to do the briefing. I pretty much just show up to do the fun part of the job.

Alligator Reef


Next week the wind is finally supposed to die down a little bit. They’re already booking dive trips for most of the week, so if they get anyone looking to do snorkeling I’ll be running the other boat already. The main reef they go to for snorkeling is Cheeca Rocks, but the visibility hasn’t been the greatest.

So we may be heading over to Alligator Reef, which is pretty much right in front of the hotel. It’s even an easier and faster run than the one I used to do to Hen & Chickens.

Sunsets And Eco Tours

One of the other captains is going to take me on a dry run of the eco tour to show me the route. We haven’t made it out yet, because of the high winds. The shop is in a great location, though. As soon as you cruise over to the bayside you’re in an area with tons of small little cuts around the mangroves.

There’ are plenty of cool spots to explore back there. Even without knowing the route, I’m sure I’d have no problem making my own version of the tour.

Kayaks And Paddleboards

Florida Bay
Sitting at anchor in the Florida Bay

They also have a small fleet of kayaks and paddleboards here that they rent out. This season they’re going to start offering tours as well, since that’s what I used to do on the Turtle. There’s plenty of shallow protected water around here. Tea Table Key is just to the south and there are a few mangrove tunnels we can paddle through that are pretty close.

There’s more!

As if work isn’t horrible enough to begin with, I can also come down whenever I’m not working to play with any of the toys as long as they’re not booked. I just need to pay for any gas if it uses it. And I can get out for a dive if there’s an empty seat on the boat. I may only be working on a per trip basis, but I think they’re going to be seeing a lot more of me than they think.

8 Responses to A Job On The Water – I Actually Get Paid For This?

  1. I wish I could actually go back to california, I know it’s not where you are, but I miss just the pure ocean and being near water. I’m living in New Mexico now and it’s utterly horrid for someone used to water and beaches.

    • I know exactly what you mean Anthony. I rode my bike through New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah a few years back Beautiful area, but I don’t know if I could survive being that far from the water.

  2. Wow, so fascinating! …I’d love to learn how to snorkel and explore reefs, etc. …But, I’m stuck in New England for now. Some day soon, we will be moving to FL – probably Tarpon Springs area. So, maybe one day…

    • Tarpon Springs it right on the Gulf, so there’s no excuse not to give it a try once you move down here. The only thing is the reefs on the coast are much further out, but you that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to explore closer to shore.

  3. O wow what a dream job. I am sat here shivering in the UK and the idea of going anywhere near water is suicidal. It really warmed me up thanks for the instant sunshine!

    • I know exactly what you mean Vanessa. I used to get the same feeling when reading posts similar to this when I was sitting back in my cubicle in NJ. Glad I could momentarily warm you up.

    • Well…Sparky could possibly use a doggie sitter while I’m at work Cindy. You still do get to work on a boat out on the water all day.

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