Another Day Another Dive…On Alligator Reef

Dad came down to visit me for my birthday last week. Luckily I had a few slower days at work, so I was able to get on the boat for a few days of diving. I was able to get 4 dives in at Alligator Reef.

The Reef Was Full Of Life

The seas were pretty flat most of the week, with just a very light chop. Visibility was good, but there was a good amount of silt in the water. There was a lot of life on the reef as usual, including tons of Parrotfish, Grunts, Sergeant majors, Barracuda, and a Green moray eel.

There is a huge bait ball on Alligator Reef that was there as usual. I tried to get a video of a swim through of the bait ball, but I jumped in the water for the first dive with an almost dead battery in my camera, so the video function wouldn’t work.

The Jellies Are Here

yellow stingray
A small yellow stingray hiding in the sand

Jellyfish season is definitely upon us now. When we got back to the mooring after the second dive there was a huge swarm of moon jellyfish around the boat. We had to wait on the bottom for clearing, surface one at a time, and then get up the ladder as fast as possible.

I was diving in just a bathing suit and rash guard, as I usually do this time of year, so it would have been a nightmare swimming into that swarm. I almost debated taking my fins off on the bottom and using my inflator to rocket myself up to the ladder. Alligator Reef is only about 20 feet deep.

Here is one of the clips that I shot during the second dive. Enjoy! I’ll be posting more to facebook over the next few days.

4 Responses to Another Day Another Dive…On Alligator Reef

  1. OMG. I want to be there right now! What a lucky life you have. Alligator reef sure looks spectacular.

    You learn something every day. For instance, I had no idea what a “bait ball” was before today. How interesting. Mother Nature is truly a wonder and all the spirituality I ever need.

    And a “moon” jelly fish, how cool is that?

    I hope your dad enjoyed this day with you. Looks like a dream

    • Thanks Diana,

      Alligator Reef is on one of the nicest reefs down here. It’s a sanctuary, so there is no fishing, lobstering, or taking of anything off the reef. So there is always a lot of life there.

      Moon jellies are cool until you swim through a giant swarm of them. Luckily just a single sting isn’t so bad and goes away after about 10 minutes.

      Dad had a great week. He got in even more dives than I did.


  2. Hi Captain …. unfortunately I did not see the sea for 8 years, but I have wonderful memories of it. It is fantastic when you can combine work and relax. You got the beautiful boat, happy dog and interesting job … it’s good for the beginning? I keep my fingers crossed for you. GOOD LUCK.

    • Thanks Jana!

      Getting paid to play on the water definitely beats my old job. And getting to dive for free whenever I want isn’t so bad either.


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