Another Gemini Rudder Repair

When we ran aground in that storm last year, the starboard rudder got buried in the mud, and landed on top of a rock. This caused the pivot arm to break. Unlike the last time, when I beached the boat, and the pivot points broke out, the entire arm broke off. This is how I repaired my rudder…AGAIN.


I cleaned the broken fiberglass with a wire brush, since the rudder had been attached to the boat, in the water for a while. Then I rinsed the area with acetone, to clean it and get any loose pieces out.

The break happened very close to the rudder post, and even exposed a small area of the post. First, I put a layer of woven roving over the break. This was to prevent any epoxy from running onto the rudder post. Thickened epoxy was then spread inside the break, and the arm was glued back on.


After the epoxy cured, we routed out an area on both sides of the rudder. An aluminum plate was then screwed onto both sides to help reinforce the repair.

Thickened epoxy was used to fill in any gaps around the plates, and then 2 layers of fiberglass cloth were laid up over each plate, to seal them. Finally the area was sanded and painted with bottom paint.

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  1. How long have you been in the keys? I moved here Oct 2015. Always looking for other paddle buddies. I’m always looking for new launch sites and great new of the tourist radar places to check out. Would love to chat with you.

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