Another Rainy Day In The Keys

The rain and wind continues in the Keys. This has been the worst winter since I moved down to Florida. Normally this time of year, you get a few days to maybe a week of colder weather, and then it warms back up again.

This year, it’s been the complete opposite. We’ve been lucky to get a day or two of sun, and the wind, rain, or both start right back up again for days at a time.

Of course, this isn’t as bad as the those winters back north. It has meant very little work, though, and lots of time hibernating on the boat. We got a little break in the rain yesterday afternoon, so we headed to shore for a long walk.

The bar and restaurant were pretty empty, but there were a few locals hiding from the rain.

Lorelei basin

Construction on the new Lorelei Yacht Club is moving along pretty quickly. The new bathrooms are already open, and the heat is blasting. With this weather we’ve been having, I’ve debated hanging my hammock in there.

There’s still no work on whether everyone in the anchorage is going to have access to the showers or laundry, when it’s done.

Lorelei Yacht Club

Someone was happy to finally be on shore for a bit. He still refuses to use the fake grass mat I put on the boat.

Sparky taking a walk

They were setting up for another private party. Hope they have a rain date. Good thing they got the canopy.

private party at Lorelei

After a somewhat busy weekend, the paddleboard rental was closed down again. Not many people looking to go out on the water today.

paddleboards on the beach

Cloudy skies all day, and rain on and off, over the anchorage, throughout the day.

Gemini catamaran at anchor

We finally got a big break in the rain, later in the afternoon, so I started hanging some of the new lifeline netting. This way Sparky will be able to wander around on deck, when I’m at work this season.

netting on the sugar scoop

It’s getting there, but it’s going to take some more work. I didn’t realize just how much this stuff stretches. You really need to pull it tight along the entire length, otherwise it will sag.

If we get a break in the weather tomorrow, I’ll add some line along the bottom, and a few bungees. That way it can be easily removed.

netting on the stern rail

This is my high tech solution for keeping Sparky in the cockpit. I really don’t want to put the netting around the entire boat, so I need to keep him from getting to the foredeck.

life ring buoy

14 Responses to Another Rainy Day In The Keys

  1. Hi Chris,
    My attention was instantly grabbed by Sparky! I really enjoyed reading your article and hope to one day visit Florida. I have family in Tennessee, who usually have pretty good boating weather on the rivers and lakes around them. We are also having a shocking winter in the UK, with enough rain to cause flooding in many places over the past month. Contrasting with my home country New Zealand, that is so dry the farmers are struggling to feed their livestock. Something to be said for climate change maybe? The weather is definitely getting weirder, that’s for sure.I would love to have a picture of Sparky to feature on my Playtime Gallery if you were up for it!
    All the best for living the dream, and hope the weather improves for you really soon.
    Mara 🙂

    • He does seem to grab everyone’s attention. He’s a pretty popular little guy.

      Weather has been strange everywhere, and not just this winter. Summer was windier than usual, then during the rainy season, we barely got any rain. You’re right! I can’t believe people still want to deny climate change. “It’s just a natural cycle,” they all say. Maybe so, but that doesn’t make it any less real. Like you said, weather is becoming more bizarre. Natural or not, I’m sure we will eventually see weather that no human has witnessed before.

      Sure Mara! You can grab any of them off the site or my facebook page. Or I can email one, if there’s something specific you want that you don’t see.


  2. Seems like Sparky is not a big fan of seaborne pee, correct? My dog is the worse like this… He’s not a big fan of going anywhere but the home carpets 🙁

    I’m sorry to hear about the bad Florida weather. Fortunately this is not such a big issue in Rio de Janeiro. Even in winter temperature is well within the 70s, and we get many sunny and bright days here. In summer, however, it is terrible just to go out in the streets, as we are usually in the 90s and often in the 100s. And we are exactly at this time of year right now!

    • Yup! He’s stubborn. No matter how bad he has to go, he won’t use that mat. He’ll just wait for me to take him to shore. Luckily he doesn’t go inside the cabin, though.

      Funny you should mention Rio, Daniel. I think the real problem is I’m not far enough south yet. Even Belize usually seems to be in the 70s all winter, even on the rare occasions that it gets really cold in the Keys.

      It’s not that cold here, though. It’s mostly been in the 60s, but once you add 20+ knot winds on top of that, especially on a boat with no insulation feels a lot colder.

  3. Your pictures are awesome Chris! I especially l love the picture of Sparky… adorable!

    I’ve been to Florida three times now and I have loved every single trip… I know what the rain can be like though as the one day we spent on South Beach it rained all day – typical!

    • Thanks Holly! And he knows it!

      I remember walking through South Beach a few years ago, after a storm, and all of the streets were flooded. It hasn’t been that bad, though. More rain than normal for this time year, but much more wind than rain.

  4. Hi Chris,

    How are you securing the bottom half of the life line netting to the boat? We had noting to anchor it to unless we put screw or hooks into the boat deck. Love your “high tech” solution. LOL. You and Sparky stay safe down there in Florida. I heard there were tornados and water spouts in some regions today.


    • Alyssa,

      My stanchion bases all have a loop on them. You can see them in the photo of the top of the stairs. I’m going to secure one end with one of those ball bungees, that way I can easily open them. Thanks! My high tech security gate for the other side will probably be the solar shower. Yeah, I heard there was a tornado watch up in Fort Meyers I think.


  5. Hi Chris,

    Is the beached dinghy in the picture a Livingston cat? I’m thinking of buying one and wanted the opinion of someone who own one. More stable than a mono dinghy?
    PS I also own/live on a Gemini, Different Drummer heading for Marathon.

    • Joe,

      It’s made by Custom Catamarans. I have no idea who the owner is. It just showed up a little over a week ago and hasn’t moved from the spot. I haven’t even seen anyone going in or out with it. Maybe we’ll see you when you pass through here.

      • Thanks for your reply. We should get together over adult beverages and talk Gemini’s. I’m interested in your removal of your fuel tanks.
        I should be in your neighborhood late Feb. Just look for the Gemini without a mast and two biminis covered in solar panels.

        • Sounds good! I’ll be up in Miami for the boat show, and out of town the following weekend. Otherwise I’ll be here. I’m the one parked right in front. And I’m interested in your power cat conversion.

  6. Hi Chris,
    Sounds like it has been a bad winter for everyone. We had a blizzard about 10 days before Christmas that dumped about 2 feet of snow and it still hasn’t melted yet. We usually get 2-3 storms every winter but the snow melts by the following week. It has just been too cold and thus too cold to get out an play. Glad to see you and Sparky got some time to walk around. I haven’t had a good walk around since Thanksgiving.

    • It has been a rough winter Jessica. The northeast, after starting off with a mild winter, got hit with a really bad storm a few days ago.

      The one nice thing about it being the slow season is we have the time to get out and enjoy the nice days we get in between the bad weather. This week, it’s finally going to warm up enough that we’re going to get out on the paddleboard.

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