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Red Paddle is the top manufacturer of inflatable boards. Making SUPs since 2008, they specialize only in inflatable boards, unlike most companies that make an inflatable line, in addition to hard boards. They make inflatable boards for all purposes, including all-around, touring, surf, race, junior, white water, yoga, and windsup.

Red Paddle Boards

Their boards are some of the stiffest and most durable out there. They even ran over one of the boards, with a tractor, to test it…and it survived.


Most of the Red Paddle line has their built in iFin system. The Whindsup, Whip, Sport, Explorer, Race, and Elite boards have a removable fin. The US Fin Box system has a single nut and bolt, that only needs to be hand tightened, and no tools are required.

They are manufactured using a double layer construction, with 4 layers on rails, more than anyone else in the business. This makes for a more durable, higher pressure board.

Red Paddle storage bag and Titan pump
Red Paddle storage bag and Titan pump

What Sets Them Apart

They use one of the heaviest drop stitching patterns in the industry, allowing for pressures up to 20 psi. Higher pressures translate to a stiffer board.

MLS fusion, new for 2016, fuses the second layer to the core. This makes the board lighter and stiffer even at lower pressures.

As if the boards aren’t already stiff enough, the rocker stiffening system (RSS) features 2 removable stiffening battens, that go in pockets on the rails. RSS makes the board up to 40% stiffer!

What Comes In The Box

All Red Paddle boards come with a highly durable storage bag with wheels, that holds the board and the pump for traveling.

The Titan pump has dual chambers. One is high volume/low pressure, and the other is low volume/high pressure, similar to the pumps used for the high pressure tires on racing bikes. What this means is it takes about half the time to inflate your board.

Red Paddle 8'10" Whip
Red Paddle 8’10” Whip

Taking One For a Spin

I tried out the 12’6″ Race board at board demo day, at Surf Expo. Unfortunately the factory forgot to send the stiffening battens for the rocker stiffening system to the show. Even without the RSS system this was one of the stiffest inflatables I’ve been on.

At convention center they had the 8’10” Whip on display, sitting on 2 stands, so you could stand on it. This is the only board they did have the battens for at the show. Standing on the board, even without it floating in water to support it, there was barely any flex at all.


I realize the title of this post is Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle “Boards”, and I only talk about one company. But I think that Red Paddle really is the best.

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2 Responses to Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards – Red Paddle

  1. Ahoy there Captain Chris! Great to read your post on the Red Paddle board. Living by the water in Brisbane Australia, I’ve been watching folks enjoying stand-up paddle boards since moving up here two years ago, and have always wanted to buy one and try it!
    Like everything else, I thought there would be that many different one’s to choose from, I wouldn’t know what was good and what wasn’t. Your review has helped heaps!!
    Fantastic. Thanks a lot! Jamie.

    • Glad I could help Jamie!

      If an inflatable is the way you want to go, and you’re not on a strict budget, you can’t go wrong with Red Paddle. I’ve yet to see a bad review of them anywhere. And after seeing them at the show, and trying one out, I’m really impressed.

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