BIC ACE TEC Wing – Great Touring Board For A Boat

I bought a really nice BIC Sport carbon fiber paddle last spring when we were doing the kayak tours on the boat. Then Santa was nice enough to bring me a Fluid 2.0 inflatable belt pack for Christmas.

But sadly, it’s been months since we’ve had an SUP on the boat or since the little guy has gone for a paddle, which used to be his favorite activity. The photo in this post is Sparky swimming back to me after jumping off of the board during a tour, a very frequent occurrence.

BIC Sport ACE-TEC Wing Limited

The SUP We Really Want

The board that I’ve really wanted to get is the BIC Sport ACE-TEC Wing, especially since I saw the Limited in the new blue color at Surf Expo a few years back when it was first announced. The Wing comes in both a 12’6″ and 11′ version.

The 12’6″ is more stable and can handle a heavier load, making it great for long distance paddles. This is the one I’m really leaning towards. The 11′ is a little less stable, because of it’s small size. It still tracks very well, though, and it’s very light weight, making it easy to haul onto a deck.

The Wing is part of BIC’s ACE-TEC line, which features a thin plastic skin over the fiberglass. That makes these boards more resistant to UV, and more importantly more resistant to chips, bents, and dings. Perfect for full time use on a boat!

My choice is the Wing, because I really want a touring board for eventually doing longer distances, but there are plenty of other models to choose from in the ACE-TEC line.

Poor Pirates & Plans For After The Season

Sparky's sad face
Sparky is very sad that we don’t have a touring board on the boat.
Sparky is finally getting his wish! No, we’re not getting a Wing…at least not yet. Between closing the charter business down, engine problems, and a other unexpected expenses, I have a nice hole to dig myself out of. Hopefully after the season winds down we’ll be in much better shape, and maybe finally ready to buy that board.

Of course I’d really like to make it back to Surf Expo this year, especially now that that blog is starting to take a new direction. And we really need to haul out again to do some repairs on the boat. And I want to finally take the Freediver Level 1 class.

Please, share this post, subscribe, follow us on facebook! Maybe if we have enough traffic and fans by September, between that and Sparky’s sad little face, BIC will just sponsor us and give us a Wing Limited at the show.

Free Can’t Be Beat!

I was talking to my friend Allen a few days ago and the subject of paddleboards came up. It turns out he has one sitting on his boat that we can use. The same board we used to use on our tours! Apparently it’s been sitting there collecting dust since we left.

Boat friends are the best!

6 Responses to BIC ACE TEC Wing – Great Touring Board For A Boat

  1. Gah, I want a boat! I got my boating licence last year, and I really wanted to go boating, but so far I haven’t.

    For me, I got interested in boating because I find water promotes relaxation. I thought about making a boating site myself! But I don’t think I know enough about it. Anyway, cool site!

    • Thanks Lainey!

      Being out on the water can be very relaxing. That’s one of the reasons I live aboard. It’s also one of the reasons I like SUP/paddleboarding so much. Although it can be a great workout and a real challenge, there are also time where you’ll just drift along or paddle at a nice relaxed pace and just enjoy the scenery.


  2. Hi Captain Chris – I’ve never tried paddle boarding before, not being a water-sports person myself. However as I read more it sounds like a lot of fun.
    Good post – I hope you get your engine problems sorted out.

    • Mark,

      Paddleboaring has been one of our favorite things to do since we discovered it a few years ago. When we finally get a SUP on the boat again, the kayak is probably going to get used much less, except when we have guests aboard.
      Thanks! I actually replaced the engine a few months back, and even wrote a post about it. It’s going to take some time to pay off the bill, though.


  3. Hello Chris,
    What a great article, you are funny guy.
    I have never tried paddle boarding, I have seen may do it in the river that runs through town and it looks like fun but I have always been a little to out of shape to try, makes me wonder now that I have lost some weight.
    Is it difficult to do on the ocean?
    Cute dog, first mate?
    The Fat Guy

    • Thanks Fat Guy,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. It depends on where you live. Down here the ocean usually has no waves, so it’s very easy. Even with a little bit of a chop I’ve never had a problem. There are even people who do paddleboard surfing. Strong winds can make it a little bit of a challenge.

      Sparky says thank you!

      Chris…and Sparky

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