Board Demo Day

Surf Expo kicked off yesterday with board demo day at the Orlando Watersports Complex. The last time I went to the show we arrived really late, and didn’t have time to try anything out after checking in. So after dropping Sparky off at his doggie sitter, and hanging out for a while, to make sure he was ok, I raced over to the show.

Surf Expo Board Demo Day

Where Do I Even Start?

Most of the manufacturers from the show were there, with literally hundreds of boards that you could take for a spin. I still got there a little later than I had hoped, but even if I had gotten there as soon as the gates opened, there’s no way I would have had enough time to try them all out.

I had a short list of a few specific companies and boards that I wanted to check out, so I started with them. After that there were a few others that I stumbled upon that I went back to try out.

New Gear And Some Surprises

My first stop, of course, was BIC Sport since the Wing has been on the top of my list for a while now. To my surprise, the Wing Limited has been discontinued in blue, and is being replaced with red this year. That will make the board easier for rescuers to find, if I run into trouble when doing my paddle around the Horn, to raise awareness for selfie stick addiction.

BIC also has a new line of boards made from wood and other natural materials called Earth SUP.

There’s also a new company making an electric motor that can be mounted on any paddleboard right through the fin box. I forgot to get a picture, and can’t think of the name right now, but I’ll check them out at the show today. The’re partnering with a few different manufacturers, so they’ll be at multiple booths.

Sparky just making himself at home
Sparky just making himself at home

My Rides

In then end, I didn’t go too crazy, and just tried out a few different boards including some inflatables, touring, and a few yoga boards. I demoed 8 total models from Red Paddle, Pulse SUP, BOGA, Solstice Sports, BIC Sport, and Earth SUP. I’ll be writing some reviews on these boards in the coming weeks, after I get back from the show.

Sparky’s Vacation

Sparky was initially a little upset he didn’t get to go to the show. I got a few texts throughout the day, though, and it looks like he’s settling in just fine, and enjoying some relaxation time. Hopefully going home with a new board will help cheer him up too.

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  1. The picture on here makes Surf Expo look like it was a blast. Makes me wish I was there instead of being at home working. I love your personal mascot…Sparky is so cute. So sad that he was not able to go to the show. I am sure he would of loved it! Thanks for the info about the new toys coming out. Can not wait to see more updates and reviews on some of these boards.

    • Thank Carlton! It was a great show this year. Although I am bummed they didn’t have the party at Typhoon Lagoon this time, since I missed it the last time I went to the show.

      I think made a mistake by asking. As they say it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Someone did have a dog on a board with them at Demo Day, and I saw another dog at the Convention Center on Fri. When I asked how they got him in he replied, “poker face.”

      I have a pile of brochures to filter through, a show round up post to write, and of course a new board to break in. After that I’ll hopefully get started with reviews.

  2. Interesting event. This sounds like fun and seems to be quite useful and informative for one looking for the right board. Is there an entrance fee for this kind of event?
    Though I lack knowledge in the water sports arena, I can certainly see how an electric motor could come in handy. What is the average cost of one of these boards?
    I’ve actually never heard of this kind of show. I did some skateboarding in my younger years, and something like this, where I could actually test out a skateboard before purchasing would have been incredibly helpful.
    You mention BIC. Is that the same company that makes ink pens? Forgive my ignorance, this is just an area I am not very familiar with.
    Thanks for sharing your experience here. I enjoyed reading this.

    • The entire show is free. You need to have a business to go to the main show, but I’m pretty sure demo day is open to the public.

      Prices for the ElectraFin start at $1999.00. That’s just for a motor that you can mount on any board. The kit with their board sells for $2798.00.

      Funny you should mention that. There are actually skateboard companies there too. They’re not at demo day, though, since it’s a little tough to skate in a water park.

      It is the same BIC. They’ve actually been making watersports gear for years.

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