Cruising Down The East Coast…It Has Begun!

Since the WordPress app (now uninstalled) likes to delete saved drafts, here’s a summary of the Turtle’s first week cruising down the east coast.


Steep 6′ seas rounding Sandy Hook, and Neptune decided to take my almost new Dahon bike for a ride. Big seas the rest of the day, and went in Barnegat Inlet which was all hype as usual. The approach to the inlet can be bad, but still nothing compared to the conditions you most likely just came out of to get there.

Stu with his new hat


Actually sailed for a while, making great time, but as usual, the wind was in my nose for where I was trying to go. Took my first inlet at night at Cape May. Where the hell is the green light? According to the plotter we’re right at the entrance, but I see the red, but not the green. Ohhh there is is. Engine stalls!


Seas were 3-4′ most of the day across the bay, and my stern rail breaks, almost taking the dinghy and davits with it. Everything tied off to winches and back on our way. Get funny looks over our new rigging for the rest of the day.


Seemed a little funny the way the boat handled, pulling into the fuel dock in the morning. readjusted steering lines on out drive. Hauled ass down the Chesapeake, making great time. Even after all the problems, if we didn’t have to stop for fuel, just another hour of light, we would have made it on time. Anchored less than 3 miles from Annapolis. So close!


Dismal Swamp
At the lock for the Dismal Swamp Canal

Took a look at the rudders, and confirmed that the funny handling was a broken steering cable. Pulled into Back Creek, which was pretty crowded, so tied up to Performance’s dock. Boat show, met up with some friends at the Eastport overpriced Yacht Club Bash. They must make all their money for the entire year on that one day.


Got a few new toys at boat show prices. Got a Nature’s Head hand delivered to my boat by Mike and Rebecca from Zero To Cruising. Talked to Performance about helping me change my cables.


Kicked off the Performance dock, since demo day is tomorrow. Cleaned the boat up a little. Shoshana came by to see the boat, and was our chauffeur for the day taking us to West for more toys.

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  1. blasted steering cables! We have a composting head on our boat and love it…make sure to ventilate it properly, again make sure to ventilate it properly!

  2. Bravo Chris, great Blog, thanks for sharing…you’re truly a sailor/skipper of merit. Fun to read. Happy days and calm nights to you (at least weather wise!)

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