Diving The Spiegel Grove: In Perfect Conditions

I met up with an old dive buddy from up North yesterday who just happened to be down here with his family…and renting a small boat for the week. So, we took a little ride out for a day of diving the Spiegel Grove, in what had to be the most perfect conditions on the water ever.

There were some clouds blocking the sun, so it wasn’t too hot out. The ocean was flat as a lake, and the water was so clear that you could see the bottom the entire way out, even while cruising at over 20 knots. Dan worked as an instructor and dive boat captain down here for 3 summers, and even he said that he’s only seen conditions like that a handful of times.

Conditions On The Wreck

Key Largo Diving
The ocean was like glass the whole way out

When we got to the wreck there was such little current that we did a free descent and ascent. Visibility wasn’t the greatest, due to some particles in the water, but vertical vis was about 90′. You could clearly see the moorings and all the boats from the bottom. I’m kicking myself for leaving the camera at home, because conditions are rarely this calm on the spiegel Grove.

But I had a few ear problems the day before, so I wanted to play it safe. At least that turtle decided to follow us up, so I could get a few iPhone shots of him.

If you didn’t dive the Grove yesterday, I feel bad for you. It’s going to be a while before you see conditions like that again!

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