Exploring the Florida Keys

The hyperbaric chamber at Mariners Hospital in Tavernier is the only one in the Keys. It’s covered with an underwater mural painted by local artist Stacie Krupa.

hyperbaric chamber

The beach behind Lorelei. The Turtle is anchored just on the other side of those mangroves.

the beach at Lorelei

I saw this huge seaplane on one of my jetski tours. According to the commercial pilot who was on the tour, the custom underwater paint job probably cost almost as much as my boat.

custom painted seaplane

Sparky’s new favorite restaurant is Lazy Days. Most places down here are dog friendly, but here the hostess made a point of saying that he can sit on one of the chairs at the table.

Sparky's favorite restaurant

I took the boat at work to Indian Key to take a look around. This is where the old town square on the island was.

Indian Key town square

One of the few remaining foundations of the buildings that used to be here.

building foundation on Indian Key

An old cistern on Indian Key.

cistern on Indian Key

The grave of Jacob Housman, the original owner of Indian Key, is still on the island.

Jacob Housman's grave

Walking down one of the streets on Indian Key.

street on Indian Key

This is the view looking back towards Upper Matecumbe from the east side of Indian Key

the view from Indian Key

Down here, even the stormtroopers have Keys Disease. No wonder they couldn’t find the droid they were looking for.

island stormtrooper

The dinghy and kayak beach behind Lorelei, right next to the paddleboard rentals. I’m still trying to figure out why they come in here, when the dinghy dock is just 100 feet away?

dinghy beach at Lorelei

Laundry day! We had a lot more to do than usual, so Sparky got to try the new bike trailer out. It worked perfectly, and made things much easier than making multiple trips.

trying out the new bike trailer

Yet another derelict boat sunk in the Keys. Good thing they have that sign up. You don’t want people trespassing on this new wreck.

another new wreck

12 Responses to Exploring the Florida Keys

    • Definitely! I’m wide open this week. The 6th is rough for me, but I can do the 13th. Then I’m off to NJ until the 24th. I don’t have a set schedule, and people down here love to book trips/tours last minute.

  1. Man that place looks like a perfect chill spot. I was looking at those pics and thinking how awesome it would be to just go around relax and chill with my son. Feel the breeze and sound of nature. Get something light to snack on and explore around. Just smell the freshness of everything.

    • I’m assuming you mean the beach, not the hyperbaric chamber. It is a great little place to hang out, but I’d skip the snack. Lorelei is another very well known restaurant down here. Indian Key, on the other hand is a state park, with no concessions, where you can wander around as long as you like.

  2. Hi Chris,
    Sparky looks totally comfortable sitting at the table with a drink in front of him. And I think he likes the basket seat on your bike! Did you make the bike trailer yourself or buy it assembled already? Do you keep the bike on your boat or does it get stored at a marina? You really are living the dream down there in Florida. Our day is coming soon…

    • He loves riding in the basket Alyssa. I’m lucky I got him to sit still long enough to even take that picture. It’s a Beautiful Time Cargo Trailer. I got it on Amazon. I keep the bike on sure for now, since we’re not moving anytime soon.

      As my friend Stu said before I moved, “there is room for one more boat in Florida.”

  3. Hahaha! Love the stromtrooper. I need to get down there. I’m an avid scuba diver and have been to Mexico, Turks n Caicos, etc. but have never gotten down to the keys. I really enjoyed your pictorial tour. Thanks for posting. Will check back in again. Hope Sparky is doing well too!

    • Thanks James!

      I’ve never been to Turks n Caicos, but it’s high on my list. The Keys are nice, but I’d love to get back to Mexico. What part of Mexico did you visit? I’ve been to Playa, and Cozumel a few times, but it’s been a few years. The cenotes there are amazing!

  4. Haha! Who don’t envy Caption Chris?? Working and vacationing at the same place same time!
    Great introduction of Florida Keys! And nice and functional bike trailer there… 🙂
    Btw, if your Turtle can travel as far as Malaysia, you will surely find another paradise of tropical islands here! 😀

    • It definitely beats my old job Vic. I’m not sure about doing a big ocean crossing like that, but I definitely want to go farther than the Keys. Caribbean and Central America are high on my radar for seasonal cruising, while still working in the Keys. And maybe a yealy trip flying someplace farther…like Malaysia.


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