Florida Keys Sailing And Sunsets

Throwback Thursday Grouchy Turtle style. Here are some sunsets and sailing trips from the last few years in the Keys.

Sunset on the Florida Bay in Tavernier.

Tavernier sunset

The Grouchy Turtle, sailing up Biscayne Bay, back to Miami.

sailing back to Miami

Doing a sunset cruise in Islamorada, heading towards Toilet Seat Pass.

sunset cruise by Snake Creek

Sailing on a sunset cruise in Cowpens Anchorage, in front of Founders Park.

sailing in Cowpens Basin

Sailing on Biscayne Bay.

sailing up Biscayne Bay

The Turtle at sunset, anchored in Islamorda, near Little Basin.

Islamorada sunset

Sunset in the anchorage at Lorelei, in Islamorada.

sunset by Lorelei

The Turtle at anchor behind Lorelei, in Islamorada.

the Turtle anchored in Islamorada

The dock at the Islamorada Fish Company, in Little Basin, in Islamorada.

sunset at Islamorada Fish Company

The first sunset of the new year, in the anchorage at Lorelei.

sunset over Little Basin

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  1. Cool, let me know when. I am now off Tuesdays and Wednesdays. But this coming week doesn’t work. Soon…I want to hear more!

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