Friends Visiting And Beach Days

Spring Break is officially over, and things have really slowed down at work. The timing couldn’t be any better! We had friends aboard for a few days, and me and Sparky were actually able to spend some time with them, wandering around the Keys.

Sparky was up early and patiently waiting to go on an adventure.

Sparky Ready For An Adventure

Our first stop was Robbie’s, the tourist trap of the Upper Keys. Robbie’s is a marina with charters, tours, jetskis, a restaurant, and a bunch of little outdoor shops.

The Shops At Robbie's

There’s seating on a small beach looking out at the docks, with all of the fishing boats.

The Docks At Robbie's

Sparky had fun exploring…and marking the beach.

Sparky Exploring The Beach

The paddle shack at Robbie’s has a small fleet of Glide paddleboards, for rent and to do tours. They also have a bunch of BIC ACE-TEC Performer paddleboards.

Paddleboards At Robbie's

One of the shops at Robbie’s has some cool metal sculptures, by a local artist.

Local Art At Robbie's

There’s more outdoor seating in front of some of the shops.

Outside Seating At Robbie's

Sparky lounged around for a while, with 2 of his new girlfriends.

Sparky Lounging Around With His New Friends

We watched the sunset from the side of the highway, looking out at Long Key and the Channel 5 Bridge.

Sunset Over Long Key

Next we went to Sombrero Beach in Marathon. Actually, outside of paddling, we spent most of the week at Sombrero Beach. Like most of the beaches in the Keys, Sombrero is man made. This is one of the few public beaches where dogs are allowed, though.

Sombrero is one of the few places in the entire Keys with soft, not rocky sand, and a nice sandy (not soft, mucky) bottom when you walk out into the water. There’s also some fish life right off the beach, unlike many other spots down here.

Sombrero Beach For The Day

The west end of the beach, just inside Sister Creek, is very well protected. Even with the strong winds that day, the water was very calm, and you easily could have gone out for a paddle down the creek, and into the mangroves.

Sister Creek From The Beach

There’s a small fishing pier on the west end of the beach. It gets very hot in the sun, though, so don’t take your flip flops off. There’s also picnic tables, grills, pavilions, bathrooms, outdoor showers, a playground, and a volleyball court.

Pier At Sombrero Beach

There’s a bunch of palm trees on Sombrero Beach, so there’s plenty of room to get some shade. Some of the trees are close enough together to even hang a hammock.

Palm Trees On The Beach

After spending the day at the beach, we watched the sun set over Boot Key.

Sunset Over Boot Key

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