Here Comes The Wind…AGAIN!

It looks like it’s officially winter in the Keys. What that means is some stretches with cooler temperatures. Not cold…just more comfortable than the extreme heat we have in the summer. We can actually sleep with the hatches closed. What it also means is wind…lots of wind.

Here Comes The Wind

Could The Timing Be Any Worse?

The last few weeks have been pretty calm. We’ve been able to get out on the paddleboard a few days a week. Things even seemed to be picking up at work a little. That all came to an end today.

This morning some very strong winds arrived, that are predicted to last for about a week. Of course along with the wind we have a pretty nice chop in the bay right now.

Conditions are so bad that the SUP is probably going to be sitting on deck for the next week, until the wind dies down. When I took Sparky in for his walk this morning, I was barely able to row us back to the boat.

So Much For Work This Week

With this weather, it’s going to be much too rough to get out on the water. That means no trips at work.

I also had a few guests arriving on the boat this week. I’m may have to cancel their reservations. Considering how hard it was to row just me and Sparky back to the boat, there’s no way I could row us back with another person in the dinghy.

Ready For A Change

I’m really dying to move on now, and I really want to be doing something that’s not so seasonal, and not so dependent on the weather. Unfortunately, we can’t go anywhere until I dig myself out of this hole I got myself into, and until we get some repairs done on the boat.

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There Is A Bright Side

Since we’re probably not going to get any trips this week, my boss is going to have me run the shop for a day or two. That way they get to take a few days off. And they said Sparky can come with me to work on those days. He’ll be happy, not being left alone on the boat for a change.

6 Responses to Here Comes The Wind…AGAIN!

  1. Hi Chris, That is a very cute little dog. Glad you have a team mate to keep you company while you work. What will you be normally doing when the weather is bad? What is the bad experience you encounter when cruising? thank you for sharing this. this is very interesting.

    • Sparky says thank you Sammy! He’s going to be happy. In season when I’m busy running trips instead of just watching the shop, he needs to stay at home, when I go to work.

      Usually we just hide inside and watch movies or work on this blog most of the day. The worst thing that happened so far is when we drug aground during a storm a while back.

  2. Hi Captain Chris,

    I have tried customise my pup to water, but she seems to be tentative to get wet. I love to spend time with her and I feel that out relationship could be improved through activities like paddle boarding.

    The other thing in that I have a board without a grip pad, and so have to put wax on to the surface of the board. I just wonder if this will damage her fur and skin, have you had any experience of this before?

    Sparky seems to be a great dog and takes to the water like a fish. Do you know of any trainings that I can do with Sally to turn her in to a salty sea dog too?

    Thanks SJ

    • Hey SJ,

      Sparky actually didn’t like the water at first. What worked for him was taking him to the beach, so he could gradually get his feet wet. Taking him on days when the water was, until he got more comfortable, probably helped too.

      Last time I used a board with wax was years ago, when I tried surfing for the first time. I don’t think the wax would really hurt, but a grip pad is probably easier for a dog to hold onto, and more comfortable.


  3. Looks like a pretty good life for you and Sparky on the boat.
    It’s funny how some dogs take to water and others don’t. I live near the beach and take my dog there. He loves the water but King Charles Cavaliers are not supposed to like the water!
    Anyway, you say it’s still quite warm in winter there. How cold does it get?

    • The funny thing is he really didn’t like the water at first. It took a while just to get him to walk in from the beach. By the time we left our last marina he was jumping off the boat to swim after iguanas.

      It only really goes down to the 50s at the coldest, which I know is nothing. But when you’re out on the water with that wind blowing on you, and on a boat with no insulation, you do feel it more. That and I’ve lived here long enough for my blood to thin.

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