Indigi Action Cam – Cheap Alternative To GoPro

Cheap Alternative To GoPro

A few months ago, I tried using my Canon in its housing on the paddleboard a few times. Between wrestling with the housing while trying to paddle, and dealing with Sparky running all over the board, it was a lot of work.

So, I finally caved and bought an action cam. Since funds were a little tight at the time, after seeing a friend post about it on facebook, I decided to go with the Indigi HD Action Cam.

At nearly a quarter of the price of the latest GoPro, this is a great little camera! Except for my underwater videos, most of the videos on this website, within the last few months, have been shot with this camera.

Indigi Action Cam


The Indigi comes with a waterproof case, similar to the GoPro, that is rated for 30 meters (98 feet). It has a built in 1.5″ LCD screen, and HDMI HD output.

The camera uses a micro SD card, up to 32GB. It also comes with a bunch of mounting accessories, for rails and bike handlebars, tripods, helmets, surfboards/SUP, and a belt clip.

Specs & Performance

The Indigi is about the exact same size as a GoPro with an almost identical housing. It can even be used with most GoPro accessories.

The main difference between the Indigi and the GoPro is the Indigi has a lower resolution of 1080P. Considering most videos are just posted online these days, I really don’t feel that the extra resolution is necessary. 1080P is probably enough to suit most user’s needs.

My friend, who owns both this camera and the GoPro, did a side by side comparison. On a still frame the background on the Indigi isn’t quite as sharp as the GoPro.

Since this is an action cam, more often than not the background is going to be moving, which will make this less noticeable. So once again, I consider this an acceptable trade off considering the price.

On the other hand, the Indigi actually produces a noticeably brighter image than the GoPro.

GoPro Suction Cup Mount

Mounting It To A SUP

To mount the camera on my paddleboard, I went with Go Pro’s Suction Cup Mount. This way I didn’t need to attach anything to the board permanently.

This mount is extremely strong. It’s actually rated for winds over 100 MPH. According to the reviews on Amazon, some people have even used it in much stronger winds, and it held.

For my purposes, it does great with a crazy little 12 pound dog constantly bumping into it. The Indigi, with all of its accessories, along with this mount, work perfectly for recording all of our adventures.

Buy the Indigi HD Action Cam
Buy the GoPro Suction Cup Mount

10 Responses to Indigi Action Cam – Cheap Alternative To GoPro

  1. Thanks for this review. It’s about time GoPro had some competition and this little camera looks like it’s ideal for action videos, particularly for putting on youtube.
    It’s very interesting to note that GoPro accessories will work with the Indigi. I’m not sure if we can get this camera in the UK though? I don’t like buying from across the pond because of the problems with import duty etc..
    We actually have a GoPro ourselves and they are very expensive to buy, especially if you want all the necessary accessories. The GoPro battery is not reknowned to last too long so we did buy an extra battery to piggyback the main one.
    I don’t suppose you can interchange the batteries of these cameras by any chance? Ches

    • GoPro was the first, so for the longest time, they’ve been able to charge whatever they want. You’re starting to see a lot more competition now. A lot of these cameras, may not be entirely up to the same specs as the latest GoPro, but they’re much cheaper. Unless you’re a pro, you really don’t need all the resolution anyway. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the GoPro battery will fit the Indigi.

  2. I must say off the bat, grouchy turtle caught my attention. I love the title and your dog is adorable.

    This is a great article. I personally have looked at the GoPro and wished I had more money to buy one. I may consider the indigi. I currently only have a handheld waterproof digital camera I use for snorkeling and scuba diving. I really want something I could mount on a boat.

    I like how the article is short and two the point. Your writing is conversational and flows nicely.

    Well done,

    • Thanks Erin! And he knows it. He has more friends than me.

      I love my Canon, and it shoots great video too. It’s great for diving and snorkeling, but I needed something smaller and easier to manage for shooting sports videos, especially paddleboarding. You could easily mount this camera on a boat, with with the included rail mount, or with the GoPro suction cup mount.


  3. Hi chris,

    I just love the name of your site..grouchy turtle!

    I had no idea there were alternatives to gopro and from what you mention more bang for your buck with the indigi action cam. defo enough for me at 1080 resolution and as you point out for youtube, vimeo also.

    • Thanks Derek!

      Actually there have beenalternatives for a few years now, mostly by major camera manufactures. It’s more recently that we’re starting to see actual GoPro clones, and at much cheaper prices. Yes, most video services convert video down to 1080P anyway.


  4. I will have to check this out. As I recall, when the GoPro first came out, it wasn’t that expensive. Now, however–!!!

    • Really? I don’t remember that, although they first came out years ago, and I didn’t have an interest at the time. It’s ridiculous! My Canon didn’t cost much more than a GoPro. Ok, it may not include a housing, but it shoots great quality HD video, and as a still camera it blows the GoPro away.

  5. Hey, I think you might actually be onto something here, Chris. I had a look at the GoPro HERO4 on Amazon and it’s priced at over 400 dollars, but the Indigi Action Cam is currently at only 80 dollars. And yet, it looks almost exactly the same! Comparing the two, it seems that only an idiot with too much money to throw away would choose the GoPro in preference to this one. I’m definitely glad I didn’t go for the GoPro before I found your article.

    • Thanks Marcus! The GoPro does have a higher resolution, and slightly sharper image (at least the background). But unless you’re using it for professional shoots I really can’t see spending five times as much.

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