More Art Festivals And More High Winds

When we got back from our big bike ride last Saturday, I finally finished installing the lifeline netting. You can see the line running along the bottom of the netting here.

It’s going to be a little work to get inside the lazarettes now, but at least someone won’t be able to weasel his way underneath the netting.

Florida Keys sunset

That night we had one of the nicest sunsets in a while. Or maybe it was just the first time in a while that it was warm and dry enough to actually sit outside and see the sunset. It’s a good thing we got out that afternoon, because later that night the weather got much worse.

Sparky likes watching the sunset

We had a major storm come in on Sunday morning, with a lot of rain, and very strong winds. Luckily, we were one of the few boats not to drag. It was bad enough that Sparky didn’t want to get out of bed, though, and the rain continued into part of the week.

Sparky didn't want to get out of bed

Finally, on Thursday things dried and warmed up again. That night we took a walk to Morada Way, a small area with a few galleries. They host an art walk there on the third Thursday of every month, featuring local artist.

Morada Way Art Walk

Of course, while we were there we had to make a stop at the Florida Keys Brewing Company, home of the best beer in the Keys. They brew their own beer right here in the Islamorada, and also serve beer from other microbreweries.

Florida Keys Brewing Company

Friday night the winds started to pick up again. Saturday it was blowing at about 30 all day, and it got pretty cold again. I heard a few people say there were even gusts into the 40s.

Luckily, we’re anchored in really close, so it’s a pretty short dinghy ride to shore.

lifeline netting

That afternoon, we headed over to the Islamorada Fine Art Festival, at The Islander. There was some amazing underwater photography on display, including some really unique turtle shots, by Lazaro Ruda, a dive instructor from the Palm Beach area.

Islamorada Fine Art Festival

With the north wind, it was actually very calm on the oceanside, at least near shore. Looking further out, I sure wouldn’t have wanted to be on Alligator Reef, though.

calm on the oceanside close to shore

The Islander has the biggest Hobie Cat sailing fleet in the Upper Keys. I think they have a total of 6 boats that you can rent.

biggest Hobie fleet in the Upper Keys

The wind didn’t start to die down until really late Saturday night, so it was a pretty rough row back out to the boat.

high winds on the bay

10 Responses to More Art Festivals And More High Winds

  1. I’m from south Florida and this cold weather we have been getting is cold! But I like the different art galleries and shows that are going on down in the Keys. I’m a huge art fan and I’ve been trying to find an excuse to ride down to the Keys. I think I found my excuse.

    • Yes Lauren, this is by far the coldest winter we’ve had, since I’ve been down here, except for my first year. Not cold by northern standards, but definitely cold once you’ve lived here long enough for your blood to thin.

      This is the time year to come for art. Most of the bigger events down here happen in the colder months. Tons of events going on further down the Keys too.

  2. I just looked up the word, “lazarette”. Apparently, the word originates from the biblical Lazarus, who was raised from the dead. Very interesting. Thanks for the new vocabulary word and for contributing to the reduction of my ignorance.
    Looks like a fun and interesting adventure. Seems that Sparky had a good time also.
    I’ve never been to the Florida Keys. Definitely a place that I would like to visit someday.
    Thanks for the images and for sharing your interesting experience.

    • Glad I could help educate. The funny thing is I usually just refer to them as the stern lockers. I’m not sure why decided to be all nautically correct this time. Yes, Sparky always has a lot of fun on our little adventures.

  3. Wow that weather is tricky at times. When I lived in Florida and it got cold we just froze because we never bought coats lol. We didnt even have the house heated or air conditioning cause we never sat in the house on warmer days. We were always at the beach. I miss those days. I want to move back to Florida so bad and just might in a few years. I never went to the Keys which now sounds odd to me but I just went to the beaches close to us. I am visiting soon and hope I run into you lol. I am going to check out the Keys and the art places I think. If I come I will bring Sparky a prize 🙂

    • I got rid of all of my winter clothes years ago. That’s true, a lot of homes in Florida don’t have heat. On the boat you feel it even more, because you also don’t have an insulation. It would be great to meet up if you pass by. Sparky will be your friend forever if you bring a treat.

  4. Sailing the high seas in a boat off the coast of Florida…whilst blogging and taking amazing photos?! You are like a modern day Jacques Coustoue! I love that you post about the highs and the lows, in true documentary form. The video in this article certainly captures the high winds and choppy seas, I hope that you are in warmer waters now that is March! Best wishes!

    • Thanks Bri! It’s finally warmed up, but it’s still been pretty windy. The wind has been blowing from the oceanside, though, so it’s been nice and calm where we’re anchored. We’ve finally been getting out on the paddleboard again.

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