New Paddle, Sparky Proofing The Boat…And Of Course More High Winds

My Keys Disease has really been flaring up this past week, which is why I’ve been slacking on the blog. Well…that, and I’ve been really busy working on some big future plans for the boat, and crew.

We got a new paddle, a BIC adjustable with a fiberglass shaft and polycarbonate blade. When I head up to the Miami Boat Show, this weekend, I’m finally going to pick up that spare board my friend promised to deliver months ago.

Now when we have guests on the boat, they’ll finally be able to come paddleboarding with us. The extra board will also act as a barrier along the rail, to keep someone from jumping off the boat, when I’m not here.

BIC SUP Adjustable Paddle Handle

The blade on this paddle is a little smaller than I’m used to, but for a beginner, it should work out fine. A paddle with a bigger blade gives you more power, but it’s also harder to move through the water.

BIC SUP Adjustable Paddle Blade

Speaking of Sparky proofing the boat, we also got a screen for the door. I want Sparky to be able to go outside when I’m at work, but I also want to make sure none of the huge wasps we have here in the summer, get in the cabin, without me knowing it.

Sparky and the new screen

It’s held together by magnets in the middle, so after you walk through the door, the screen closes behind you. Of course they only come in normal house door sizes, so I had to take it to the canvas place down the block, to make it into boat size.

Magna Mesh Screen

We had a few nice days earlier this week, and got out on the paddleboard a few times. I tried shooting some video from a different angle, as someone suggested a while ago, with the camera facing backwards.

Here’s where that video goes…except I accidentally deleted it like a dumbass.

That’s ok. It didn’t come out that great anyway. Instead of running to the front of the board, as usual, Sparky kept stopping right in front of the camera, sticking his junk in the shot.

Saturday night the winds really picked up again. Yesterday it was gusting into the high 20s. Amazingly, no one seemed to drag, except these 2 boats. These guys have been anchored in this spot for years, and haven’t budged in any of the other storms since we’ve been here.

Boats On The Rocks

I guess that big storm we had a few weeks ago finally loosened their anchors. They’re sitting right against the rocks. That boat on the inside is going to have some serious fiberglass damage by the time this weather passes.

Boats On The Rocks

6 Responses to New Paddle, Sparky Proofing The Boat…And Of Course More High Winds

  1. Hello!

    This is my first visit to your website and I am very impressed! I have tried paddleboarding just once with a local surfing club in Virginia Beach. It was a lot of fun but I am super clumsy and kept falling over. Haha!

    I love how you include Sparky in your website, such a handsome fella! That screen you found for your door is an interesting idea. I may actually pick one up for my house so my dogs can come and go as they please in the summer.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures! Hope you have a great time!


    • Thanks Jess!

      Were you out in the ocean? I tried surfing years ago, and didn’t do that well. Now that I’ve been paddling for a while, and my balance is getting better, I’m thinking about trying SUP surfing in the future, but someplace with small waves.

      Sparky would be very upset if he wasn’t included. Besides he has more fans than me. I just stumbled across the screen it by accident. He hates being left alone on the boat, so I want him to at least be able to go outside, when I’m at work. I don’t like the idea of having the door wide open, when I’m not there, though. This is the best solution I found.


  2. Howdy Captain! Love your website =)

    Thanks for sharing your awesome sailing experience. Must be fun to be able to constantly be outdoors and enjoy the beautiful seas.

    Keep the awesome stories coming and be sure to include more photos of Sparky!

    Great read =)

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