Ocean Rodeo Drysuit – A Must For Cold Weather Paddling

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been posting a lot lately, about the rain and recent cold weather down here. Florida cold weather usually isn’t all that cold, though. I’ve just been living down here long enough, for my blood to thin and to become a big wimp.

If it wasn’t for the really strong winds we’ve been having, we even could have gotten out on the paddleboard. Sparky may have just had to stay on the boat, and I would have had to wear a wetsuit.

If you live up north though, it’s a very different story. After what has been very mild weather, winter is coming. That doesn’t mean you need to pack your board away until next summer.

As long as the water doesn’t freeze over, you can paddle all winter, as long as you’re wearing proper exposure protection. Ocean Rodeo makes a line of drysuits designed specifically for paddleboarding, kiteboarding, windsurfing, and sailing, starting at just under $500.

Ocean Rodeo Heat Breathable Drysuit

Ocean Rodeo Heat Breathable Drysuit

The Heat is Ocean Rodeo’s entry level suit. This suit will keep you almost as warm as their other models. It just doesn’t have all of the higher end features of the other suits.

You can wear the Heat in both dry mode or standby mode. Standby mode is with the top half of the suit pulled down, and just the jacket zipped. This is often done when getting to and from the water, to keep yourself from overheating.

It features 200 Denier abrasion pads on the knees, buttocks and crotch, to protect the suit from extra wear in those areas. The Heat also has attached dry socks, to keep your feet dry. There are adjustable suspenders inside the suit, as well as an outer chest pocket on the jacket.

Buy the Ocean Rodeo Heat Drysuit

Ocean Rodeo Soul Breathable Drysuit

Ocean Rodeo Soul Breathable Drysuit

The Soul has all of the same features as the Heat, except for the dry socks. Instead, it comes standard with ankle seals. The abrasion pads on this suit are made from the heavier weight 420 Denier.

In addition to the chest pocket, there are hand pockets and a pocket inside the jacket, for stashing anything that you want to keep dry. The Soul also has a removable hood, and reflective piping, which will make you more visible out on the water.

Lastly, this suit has a relief dry zipper, which is a great feature to have. This eliminates the need to take your entire drysuit off, just to go to the bathroom.

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Ocean Rodeo Ignite Breathable Drysuit

Ocean Rodeo Ignite Breathable Drysuit

The Ignite comes with attached dry socks, like the Heat. It also includes a removable hood and the heavier weight, 420 Denier abrasion pads, same as the Soul.

The jacket on this suit has a high “all-weather” collar, which will help keep your face warmer, in even more extreme conditions than the other suits. The waist has a wader belt, which restricts water getting into the bottom of the suit, in case of a flood, or an accidental submersion in standby mode.

There is reflective piping, as well as reflective patches on this suit, making you highly visible when out on the water. The Ignite also comes with a relief dry zipper, a must have feature, in my opinion.

Buy the Ocean Rodeo Ignite Drysuit

For some extra warmth, any of these suits can be paired with Ocean Rodeo’s Heat Underwear. If it’s not too cold, any lighter weight undergarment will work as well.

4 Responses to Ocean Rodeo Drysuit – A Must For Cold Weather Paddling

  1. I think Sparky would agree that these drysuits looks awesome. They are almost a must for when you are on the ocean because the weather can get crazy out there.

    These suits are also not that expensive and are not only limited to the open waters. Would like to buy one of them.

    • I think he’s upset that they don’t make doggie drysuits. A drysuit is definitely a must if you live in a colder climate. Using one down here, in the Keys, wouldn’t be a good idea. Even in the middle of the winter, temperatures are warm enough here that you’d probably overheat. Although you could possibly use one in an emergency, as a survival suit, if sailing off shore in warmer climates.

  2. The winter is upon us here in South-Africa. Our major sporting events such as rugby is well underway and as a coach i would definitely enjoy the drysuit. The jacket though. It would be a lot warmer standing and coaching in the rain with this kind of jacket.

    Are these drysuits just to buy online or can i find it in a local store ?

    • They are sold in stores too. You can find a local dealer here. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like there’s one anywhere close to you.

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