Paddleboarding With Your Dog – Always An Adventure

My friend hasn’t had a chance to drop off his old paddleboard for us to use yet. So, since had a couple of Couch Surfers staying with us a few days ago, who really wanted to try it out, we took a ride down to the shop to take a few boards out.

It was pretty windy back on the bayside, so I didn’t expect the ocean to be much worse, as long as we stayed close to shore. When we got there the winds were much stronger than I expected, probably gusting close to 20 knots.

Since our guests had never been on a SUP before they decided to take out a tandem kayak instead.

These Winds Aren’t So Bad

Me and Sparky, on the other hand, are professionals, so we went out on a paddleboard. It took a lot of work just get away from the boat ramp. Yes! (if you watched the video) Normally I paddle standing up, but the wind was so strong that I had to kneel down on the board in order to make any headway.

Aside from the strong winds the tide was also very low. After making it just a little past the hotel next door, a lot of spinning around in circles, and running the fin into the sand, Sparky slipped off the front of the board.

It’s All Fun And Games Until A Little Dog Gets Wet

Paddleboarding With Sparky

Sparky is a great swimmer, but I really don’t think he was in the mood for it, with the conditions we had. After getting back on the board, shaking it off, and using me as a towel, he started getting a little fussy, and whining. He had enough fun!

We left our guests to explore on their own while we went back to the shop to take a break. It only took a few minutes to get back to the dock with the wind on our back.

Upwinder Round 2

After a little break to dry off and a spoiled little guy getting some treats from my bosses, we headed back out. This time we took one of the kayaks like we should have in the first place.

While we were taking our break the wind picked up, so it was still a very challenging upwind paddle even in the kayak. We eventually caught up with our friends as they were on their way back to the shop.

After a brief debate over exploring in the other direction, we decided to cut our paddle a little short, and grab lunch instead. Besides the winds picking up the tide was starting to come in, so it would have been very hard to get back to the shop.

After such a tough paddle, rum punch for me…and more well deserved people treats for Sparky.

4 Responses to Paddleboarding With Your Dog – Always An Adventure

  1. Chris,

    As always a very interesting article with loads of personal information and experiences. I really like that.
    And Paddleboarding with Sparky must be fun 😉
    Where do you live to just go down to the beach and go surfing?


    • Manuel,

      It’s fun for me, but even much more fun for him. We’re down in the Keys right now. Paddleboarding may look similar to surfing, but it really isn’t the same. Get me out in real waves and there’s little chance I could stand up. It is actually becoming popular to use SUP paddles for surfing, though. The paddle helps a little with balance on the board.


  2. Hi Chris- Interesting article and love the image of Sparky-These are the times to remember. Spending time with Sparky on the paddle boards looks like great fun. Do you guys ever have to worry about sharks?

    All the best,

    – Tom

    • Thanks Tom. It’s probably his favorite thing to do…maybe with the exception of chasing after iguanas. Sharks aren’t really a problem here. We mostly just see nurse sharks. There are bull sharks around here too, but I’ve only seen one once, and they’re usually close to the marinas where the fishing boats are dumping their scraps.


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