Perfect Day To Explore The Keys By Bike

We finally got a little break in the weather this Saturday. The winds really died down, and the sun even came out for most of the day.

It was still a little too cool to paddle in the morning, but it was perfect bike weather. So, we decided to go for a log ride, and I actually covered more miles on the bike, than I have in a long time…and Sparky did more miles than he’s ever done in his basket.

Our first stop was at our old marina, to grab a snack for the ride. Of course, someone wanted to get out on the docks to look for iguanas.

Snake Creek

A bigger catamaran is in our old spot now. I wonder how he even fits in there. The water is so shallow, that I actually had to pull up one of my rudders, when we were tied up here. And he has a neighbor who apparently has real money. This yacht kind of looks out of place in the Keys.

Smuggler's Marine

Then we passed the old Key Lime Pie building. Last time I pedaled past here was when we first moved back down, and a car pulled over to ask me how their pie was. I don’t know? My old dock neighbor used to have a wood shop in this building. They haven’t had pie for years, though.

The Key Lime Pie Building

That snack really didn’t hold me over, since we got kind of a late start. I was really getting hungry, so it was time for lunch. We stopped for a few slices at Boardwalk Pizza, the best pizza in the Upper Keys. Sparky got a few pieces of crust too.

I’ve been dying for pizza, and we haven’t been here in over a year, since moving back down. It’s a pretty far ride, but it turns out they’ll deliver as far as mile marker 82, right where we’re anchored. Now I find out!

Jersey Boardwalk Pizza

Art Under the Oaks is a big yearly art fair, at one of the churches in Tavernier. The last and only time I went, was when we first moved down here. So we did a quick lap around, before starting to head back home.

Art Under the Oaks

Paddle The Keys, one of the biggest shops down here, now has rentals at Marker 88 (restaurant). They must have moved in pretty recently, or it’s just been that long since I’ve been up this way.

Paddle 88

The Rain Barrel (AKA: the giant lobster) has a bunch of small shops with local artists.

The Rain Barrel Artisan Village

Right next to Harbor Lights Motel, we saw another Gemini, on the side of the road. He was spider webbed next to the mangroves. Both rudders were pulled up, and the water was so shallow, that he was barely floating.

Even at high tide, I don’t know how he got in there. There is a channel near by, but the water near shore, in this area is very shallow.

Gemini catamaran tied up in very shallow water

8 Responses to Perfect Day To Explore The Keys By Bike

  1. Such an easy to read interesting post that leaves me wanting to find out more about your idyllic lifestyle. Its such a simple idea, but the simplicity is what really makes it work.
    You have given me just a moment of escapism, where my cold wintery world paused for a while. For that I thank you!

    • Thanks Charlotte! Glad I could help you escape, even if it was just for a little while. The weather here hasn’t been the greatest lately either. Nothing like real winter up north, but there’s no insulation on a boat, or heat, and living south you tend to get rid of all of your real winter clothes.

  2. Thanks, Chris and Sparky, for taking us along for the ride! We are having a warm up today. Wind chill 0, instead of the -10 to -15 we have been having!

    • Thanks for coming along Helen! Even if we were tied to a dock with heat aboard, I think we’d both die if ever got that cold.

    • I have a Dahon Mariner, 20″ folding bike. It’s relatively easy, since it’s pretty light. Being on a cat, with stairs and low decks definitely helps. Although I do have a small dinghy, so with me and the bike there isn’t much room, and it will get splashed some. Since we’re not moving for a while, I just keep it locked up on shore.

  3. I enjoyed reading about your adventure and love the photos. Such great colors! And I admit, the pizza picture made me hungry! I have not been to the keys in almost 20 years and this is a good reminder to go back and visit! I had a great time when I went, but it am guessing there are things I would appreciate much more now that I am older.

    • Now you’re making me hungry. It really is the best pizza, at least in the Upper Keys. The owners are actually from NJ. Now is a great time to come down here. The winds are finally dying down, and I think the colder weather is finally done, but it’s not too hot yet.

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