Random Scenes From Life Aboard A Boat

Our not so new conch shell horn. I still need a lot of practice to play it. Does this meet the Coast Guard requirements for a sound producing device?

conch shell horn

Sparky’s favorite day of the week…laundry day.

laundry day

The perfect welcome mat for a boat…err pirate ship.

our new welcome mat

The anchorage in Islamorda. At the rate things are going, with new anchoring bans in Florida, you may not see this in the future.

anchorage in Islamorada

Sparky hates being left alone on the boat, when I go to work. So, he was really happy to have a doggie sitter for a few days.

Sparky's doggie sitter

Sparky is finally starting to embrace the minimalist lifestyle, which is pretty important when you have limited space. He donated a bunch of the, way too many, toys he has to the animal rescue where he was found.

Sparky donating toys

Our neighbors, Raul and Carol, have made a lot of progress on the house boat their building out here. Pretty soon they’ll be ready to move aboard.

our neighbor's new boat

A Wharram catamaran at anchor, just on the other side of the channel from us.

Wharram anchored at Lorelei

Sparky after yet another rough day of life as a boat dog.

the rough life of a boat dog

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