Snorkeling And Paddling Around The Keys

The Florida Keys are home to the third largest barrier reef in the world, and the Upper and Middle Keys are also pretty close to the Everglades. Thanks to that geography, there is some amazing snorkeling and diving here, as well as some really cool places to paddle.

Here’s Sparky hanging out with his new girlfriends, after a few hours of cruising around the Florida Bay, and doing some kayaking.

Sparky and his new girlfriends

Sparky really needed a nap after snorkeling. He doesn’t actually snorkel, but acting as our lifeguard is a tough job.

taking a break after snorkeling

Toilet Seat Pass is a small channel on the bayside, that’s not marked on the charts. Years ago someone got the idea to put up a few PVC pipes, with toilet seats, to act as markers. Now there’s well over 100 there, and they’ve gotten a little more creative over the years.

Toilet Seat Pass

Even down here, you can’t escape NJ. I wonder if the Boardwalk Pizza guys put this one in? Or maybe that corner of the bar, at Lorelei, had something to do with it.

New Jersey in the Forida Keys

We rented one of the paddleboards at Lorelei, for an attempted photo shoot. Of course, as soon as we got off the board, Sparky decided it was time for a swim.

paddleboarding at Lorelei

Paddling through Doobie Creek, in Little Basin. That’s not an official name, and I’ve only heard one person call it this. This is where they like to go fishing…and drinking…and “smoking” hence the name.

paddleboarding through Doobie Creek

A big turtle on Alligator Reef, just sitting on the bottom. He barely even moved, and was happy to pose for a few photos.

diving Alligator Reef

Paddling around Upper Matecumbe, in Islamorada. In the distance, on the other side of the channel is Tea Table Key, one of the few Keys that is still private. Although, it’s technically a peninsula, not an island.

paddleboarding by Tea Table Key

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  1. The scenery and weather in your photos here look amazing. I have gone snorkling and paddleboarding in Hawaii, and it was unbelievable. It looks like you and your dog live an adventurous life. I am jealous that I can’t be in that environment, as I live in a cold climate.

    • I’d love to get over there someday. I’ve heard the reefs in Hawaii are amazing, although colder water than here. What’s the paddling like over there? Don’t most of the beaches have big waves?

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