Spring Break In The Keys

Spring Break this year has been been much busier than last year. Since we returned from NJ I’ve been working almost every day, running 3 trips most days.

When we first got back, visibility was still really bad at Checca Rocks from the wind we’ve had all winter, so we had to go to Alligator Reef.

Snorkeling at Alligator Reef

The area around Alligator Reef Light isn’t actually that nice. Most of the reef, and the mooring balls are actually about 1/4 – 1/2 mile southwest of the lighthouse.

Alligator Reef Light

I’ve also done a few jetski tours since getting back.

Junior has started appearing on our jetski tours again. He’s not such a small crocodile anymore.

American Crocodile

As busy as it’s been, we’ve still been able to get a few paddles in. We did the usual loop around Little Basin.

On our shorter paddles we cut back to shore near the docks at Islamorada Fish Company, for our turning point.

Islamorada Fish Company

There’s a really short mangrove tunnel that we discovered recently. It’s in the corner of the RV park, right before you go into Library Cut.

Small Mangrove Tunnel

Library Beach is a small park behind Monroe County Public Library. It’s the reason this channel is known as Library Cut to the locals.

Library Beach

We also paddle past Coral Bay Marina, in Library Cut. This is the marina from the Netflix show, Bloodline.

Coral Bay Marina

Then we go past the public boat ramp/dinghy landing at the end of Blackwood Drive.

Blackwood Drive Boat Ramp

Sparky really wanted to stop at Lorelei for happy hour.

Paddling Past Lorelei

Instead, we went back out into the anchorage, to visit his friend Jojo. His new houseboat is almost finished.

Sparky's Friend

Another amazing sunset from the dinghy docks at Lorelei that night.

Sunset from Lorelei Dinghy Dock

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