Storing A Paddle Board On A Boat

Now that we finally got our paddleboard, I keep it on the deck of the boat against the rail, the same as I’ve done with kayaks for years. Of course I have an older boat, and my decks aren’t in the greatest condition, and I got a BIC ACE TEC board, which is very durable.

If you have a newer boat, and are concerned about protecting your decks, or a fiberglass paddleboard that could easily get dinged on your deck or rail, there are a couple of better options.

SUPRAX Stand Up Paddle Board Storage System

SUPRAX Stand Up Paddle Board Storage System
SUPRAX Stand Up Paddle Board Storage System

SUPRAX includes 2 cradles that can be mounted on 7/8″, 1″, and 1 1/4″ rails. The clamps rotate so they can be mounted on angled stanchions. The racks are made out of anodized aluminum, and feature a foam pad along the inside to protect your board, as well as shock cords to secure your board in place.

They make an optional dual board add-on kit that allows the system to hold two boards, as well as wall mounts for using the rack at home. There is also a version that comes with a special bracket for mounting it on a pontoon boat.

They even make a similar rack for mounting kayaks, YAKRAX, that also comes with either the rail clamps or the pontoon boat brackets.

DocksLocks Security System

DocksLocks Security System
DocksLocks Security System

If you’re in an area where theft is a concern, DocksLocks is a system designed specifically for locking up paddleboards and surfboards.

It includes a stainless steel jaw that attaches to the leash plug on your board. If your board doesn’t have a leash plug it can also be attached to a provided cleat That gets installed in your fin box.

You can use your own cable and lock with the jaw, but it’s best to purchase the complete kit. The DocksLocks cable is a wider diameter, that’s designed to to fit the jaws tightly, which makes the system more secure. It’s available with either a key lock or a combination lock.

As with most security systems, this isn’t entirely full proof, but it will at least deter a would be thief, more than not having your board locked at all. I used DocksLocks myself, to lock my board to the rail on my boat for a few days, when I left town town to take my freediving class.

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8 Responses to Storing A Paddle Board On A Boat

  1. Your site is fun! I love the pictures of the pooch. He’s adorable.

    Now, I’m not a paddle boarder but I am a California girl so I love the outdoors, especially the beach. I’ve been considering paddle boarding but I’m not sure where to purchase one or where to begin.

    Should I rent first to try it out? What do you suggest?

    • Thanks Rawl!

      There’s tons of places that you can buy online, like Amazon. Or you could purchase from a local shop.

      I’d definitely rent one first, to see if you like it. After that, you can rent from different locations to try out different boards. Many shops will let you try out a few different boards too, for a fee, that usually goes towards the purchase if you wind up buying one from them.


  2. Thanks for mentioning these products. I really enjoy kayaking in particular.. When I get a new one, I definitely will want to take a look at Yakrax.

    There’s nothing like gliding down a creek enjoying nature, I hope to be able to get out more as time frees up. I’m not one for more rough water situations..I’ll be sure to come back here for more product reviews, great stuff.


    • Thanks Bryan!

      When I finally get around to repainting my decks, I’m considering getting a SUPRAX and a YAKRAX to protect them. Down here it’s mostly flat water too, although it can ocassionally get a little choppy when we have a lot of wind.


  3. What’s up Capt’n? Paddle boards look like good fun, and that’s something that I’m sure I would love to do. Next time I’m on vacation I think I’ll have to give it a try.

    Is the SUPRAX Stand Up Paddle Board Storage System easy to install? It appears to be a straightforward system to setup. Is it heavy, and would I need someone to help me install? Let me know please!

    • Hey Christian! You should definitely try it. Just about any destination close to the water now has companies that do rentals and tours.

      It’s very easy for one person to install. The hardest part is just being careful not to drop any of the hardware overboard. You can see how to install them here.

  4. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the heads up on the paddle board locking systems. I live in a surf town and there are boards all over the place. Surprisingly, very few are locked but then again, not too many are left unattended.

    It’s good to know there are security measures to help prevent a thief from stealing a board.

    Good Luck,

    — Gregory

    • Definitely worth it if you’re going to leave your board unattended for a while, Gregory. It’s not 100% full proof, but if you’re in a surf town, and you’re the only one locked up, you can be pretty sure someone else’s board will disappear before yours. I just picked up a second set of jaws, so I can lock 2 boards with one cable.


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