Constantly leaving your board exposed to the elements, especially UV, isn’t the greatest thing for it. You also run a greater risk of scratching and dinging your board, by not having it stored in a bag. The SurfStow SUPSOX is a great alternative to a traditional style paddleboard bag.

SurfStow Supsox Board Soft Cover

The SUPSOX is made of a heavy stretch polyester material, with extra padding in the nose. It just pulls over your board, and has a drawstring closure at the tail end. They come in 2 sizes, Large for boards up to 11’6″ and XL for boards up to 14′.

These bags don’t provide as much protection as a zipper bag, since they don’t have the heavy padding. The great price, versatility, and easy storage more than make up for that.

SUPSOX sells for about half the price of an average heavy duty zipper bag, you can use one bag with multiple size boards, and it easily rolls up and stores, taking up very little space when not in use.

Get a Large SUPSOX for your board up to 11’6″
Get an XL SUPSOX for your board up to 14′

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