Surf Expo Day 1

I started off day 1 of the show doing a quick walk through, like I do at most trade shows. Of course Surf Expo is such a big show that going into a few booths, for even just a short stop, this took a few hours. After that, I spent the rest of the day wandering around paddleboard land. Here’s a short round up of the day and some of the cool new things I found.

My Stash

Surf Expo show swag

Yes, I know, my treasure is not that impressive, considering all of the free stuff being given out. I’ve been to enough trade shows, though, that I no longer collect everything, just to throw half of it out later.

My personal favorites in the bunch are the BIC SUP hat, which will go nicely with my new BIC board. HALA is genius for giving out koozies with a neck strap. How has no one thought of this before, and how have we ever lived without them? HALA makes some really cool inflatable boards that I’ll be writing about soon.

Just Bones Boardwear was giving away Smarties, which I haven’t seen in years. I know that’s not the biggest prize, considering what some companies are giving away, but they’re based out of Millburn, NJ! That’s right next to where I grew up, which is right next to the old Smarties factory.

BOTE Travelink™

BOTE Travelink Carry System

BOTE is making it much easier for you to carry your board. All of their 2016 models are going to feature their new Travelink™ Carry System. This system features 2 latch points mounted into the rails of the board, where you can attach BOTE’s shoulder strap. The shoulder strap will be sold separately.

New Board From Solstice

Solstice Tahiti

Solstice has a new inflatable SUP that’s going to be available very soon. The Tahiti has the same specs as their long running, and very popular Bali. It just has a new updated design. The Tahiti is only going to be available in stores, and won’t be sold online.

Taking SUP Sailing To The Next Level

SUPCruzer Sail Kit

The SUP Cruzer Catamaran Sail kit allows you to turn any 2 paddleboards or kayaks into a catamaran. The kit includes the frame, trampoline, mast, sails and rigging, oars for steering, and a carrying bag.

Electric Fin Where Are You?

The electric motor that I mentioned yesterday was nowhere to be found. They don’t have their own booth, but he did say they would be at about 7 different booths with SUP manufacturers that they’re partnering with.

I didn’t even see the motor in BIC’s booth, one of the companies he specifically mentioned. I’ll be spending most of today really looking in all of the paddleboard booths, so maybe I’ll find them. Until they increase the range on that remote and integrate steering, I’m not sure Sparky will be sold on it anyway.

That’s it for now. I’m running late and really need to get to West Marine for a few things and then back to the show.

2 Responses to Surf Expo Day 1

  1. Your images are very nice and show great detail of the items being photographed. The loot you received looks great and I completely agree that you need to be picky about what free stuff you take at trade shows! I always end up coming home with too much junk that just gets trashed or donated 6 months later!

    • I remember my first trade show years ago where I collected everything. It was mostly a heavy pile of brochures for very expensive equipment that I’d never own. These days I’ll even turn down stuff from companies I am interested in. Why help kill another tree when all of the same info is on their website anyway.

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