Surf Expo – Show Roundup

Now that we’re rested after the long drive home, and settled back in on the boat, here’s my post about the last day of the show. Well…technically the second day of the show.

Since we already got our board, and a big pile of brochures for new toys, not to mention 2 long days of walking around the Convention Center, I decided to cut it short. Most of the post show fun was Friday night anyway.

11′ ACE-TEC CROSS Adventure

11' CROSS Adventure

BIC’s new 11′ CROSS Adventure is an updated version of the original 10′ CROSS. It has a keeled nose for increased glide, and full rail-to-rail volume offering great stability.

With its increased size, the new board is even more stable than the original, and designed for riders up to 300lbs. Featuring 10 attachment points, the CROSS Adventure is a great board for fishing and cruising.

The CROSS Adventure sells for $1,299.95 on Amazon, with FREE shipping.


ELECTRAFIN electric propulsion system

Speaking of the CROSS…I finally found it! After wandering around the show for a few hours, I stumbled across that electric motor I mentioned from Demo Day. And completely by accident.

It was sitting in BIC’s booth, right where I was told it would be, and the very first place I stopped that day. Not only that, but it was attached to the 11′ CROSS Adventure, the first board I looked at.

The ELECTRAFIN has a top speed of 4-5 miles per hour, depending on the board you’re using with. Run times are 2 hours at top speed and 6 hours on low speed. A wireless remote that can be attached to your paddle is included.

For more info go to CURRENT DRIVES.

New Color For The ACE-TEC Wing

ACE-TEC Wing Limited

As I mentioned in my post about Demo Day, BIC Sport is doing away with Wing Limited in blue. Starting this year, they’re going to be making this board in red, which I personally think looks even cooler.

Only the 11′ model was on display at the show. The 12’6″ version was available on Demo Day to try out, though. One of my reasons for going to the show this year was to get a Wing Limited, so I jumped on this board as soon as I saw it.

No one is even selling the new red Wing yet, and we left with the only one at the show strapped to the roof of our car. Sparky is the first to have one!

That’s It For Now!

I have to do some clean up to do on the boat for Airbnb guests tonight. And we need to get the lettering on this new SUP. In the next few I’ll start posting a lot more details, including reviews on the new toys I saw at the show.

6 Responses to Surf Expo – Show Roundup

  1. Hey Chris

    Hope you are well, im in to my surfing i love spending a few hours each day in the open water, do you mainly use these boards for diving as they have propellers on them .. I have not seen these before,

    How do you even control one of those boards?

    Cool post though I will come back in a day or two to read your reply if you get chance to send one back

    thank you

    • Jack,

      The CROSS is a great board for fishing, cruising, and probably even yoga, due to it’s amazing stability. BIC Sport doesn’t actually make any of the accessories, though. None of what you see attached to the board is actually included.

      ELECTRAFIN is mainly marketing these motors to ocean rescue, where every second counts, when you’re trying to get to a victim. And to tour companies, where if a customer runs into trouble, or bad weather cuts the tour short, this will make it much faster and easier for a guide to tow a board. Although as you said, I guess they’d be cool for SUP diving too, and I saw just the right board to use for that at the show.

      There’s a remote that attaches to a paddle that controls speed and direction. For steering you still just use your paddle. If it actually had steering and a longer range on the remote, I’d totally be interested in getting one for Sparky!


  2. Nice write up on the surf expo roundup. I stumbled upon your site looking for new things in the surfing world. I love how everything is laid out. Looking forward to seeing what else you have coming our way. Also for the rest of the reviews from your demo.

    • Thanks Marc!

      Will be writing about some a lot more about our adventures once we start getting out on the new board…if the rain ever stops. And I’ll be starting with some gear reviews soon too.


  3. Hey, I started surfing one year ago in Portugal. It was aweosme and I was enjoying it a lot. I like this ELECTRAFIN patern, probably one of the best thing in surfing world. And it lasts for 6 hours on minimum speed. All I can say is WOOOW. I will be coming a lot more to your site, now that I started discovering this surfing world.


    • Jernej

      Around here it’s mostly flat water. I tried surfing years ago, and didn’t do so good. Now that I’m paddling, though, maybe I’ll give surfing another shot as my skill improve, when I wind up somewhere that has waves.

      I definitely prefer paddling my board myself., but the ELECTRAFIN does look fun, and I can see some real uses for it.


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