The Joys Of Doing Laundry On the Hook

No one is really a fan of doing laundry as it is. And when you’re on a boat at anchor it becomes an even bigger project.

First, you have to throw everything into the dinghy, and row to shore. Then, unless you’re lucky enough to be anchored right across the street from a laundromat, or close to a live aboard marina, it’s time for a bike ride, while carrying that giant bag on your shoulder.

Today I had way too much to make just one trip on the bike, and it’s been raining on and off all day. When I finally did get there, the few bigger machines, they have, were either out of order or being used.

Between the weather and the waiting, on top of the project that this normally is, it literally took me half the day to do laundry today. And…laundry is expensive in the Keys!

The Joys Of Doing Laundry On the HookSparky, on the other hand, kind of likes laundry day.

Bucket And Dingies

Now I know a lot of cruisers will say just do it in a bucket, or in your dinghy, or the old drag it behind the boat method. Those are all much easier…and cheaper ways to get it done. They all work great when you’re cruising, but not so much when you’re stuck in one place for a while, working.

When you’re out cruising you also tend to have a lot less laundry in the first place. Mostly bathing suits, shorts, and towels. I guess these are all good arguments for downsizing the boat and going cruising now.

Another Option

During the season my boss mentioned possibly getting a small washer and dryer for work, since they have to wash towels every night, in season. He said if I went in half with them on it that I could use it whenever I want.

At the time that didn’t seem like a great deal. Why pay for half of a machine that I don’t even own. Plus work is a lot further of a bike ride than the laundromat is.

I think I’m finally going to take him up on that offer, though!

The hotel doesn’t charge them for water or electric. So by the end of the season it will pay for itself in what I save on laundry. Plus, since it’s a small machine, and since I am not paying for each load, it will allow me to do a little every time I go into work, before it piles up.

Then, when I am ready to pull the hook and do some cruising, I have a nice shiny new 5 gallon bucket waiting.

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  1. Great website, made me smile. I spent some time in the solent in the uk in HMS nimrod, it’s a 32ft contessa yacht. It was owned my the MOD and it was very well kitted out. One thing they seem to miss out is how to do the laundry. Luckily we were local to the isle of white and we decided to wash the clothes in a local pub bathroom. I think because they were near the quay, they were used to it, but I think it helps to have a routine when you are out at sea!

    • Thanks Doug!

      I have a friend who used to own a Voyage 44 catamaran. They had a small washer and dryer aboard, and enough power that they could actually use it while at anchor. On my boat I like keeping thing simple. Plus I don’t have the room or the power for something like that. Once I’m cruising I’ll probably go the 5 gallon bucket route.

  2. Wow, great site really gets you thinking. I have never lived on a boat before could not imagine and you have given another point that you don’t think about. You don’t even think of the simple things that all of a sudden become such a production. You are right, laundry is such a chore as it is, we have a family of 6 so we are doing laundry everyday, I could not imagine having to go through what you go through every day just for one job of the day. Good luck out there.

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