The Rough Life Of A Boat Dog

It isn’t easy being a live aboard. As you can see from these photos, living on a boat is a rough life for a crazy little dog.

This is the stare I get when Sparky knows that I’m leaving him on the boat alone.

please don't leave me alone on the boat

We tested the new lifeline netting for the first time this week. When I got home from work on the second day, Sparky already stretched it out enough to squeeze under the netting.

Here he is on his first day on the job. This is one of only 2 times he actually got to come to work with me.

Sparky's first day on the job

I think he’s had enough sitting around and is ready to do some kayaking.

ready to go kayaking

After work we stopped for a few drinks and dinner. Most places down here are dog friendly, but this was one of the few times Sparky got his own seat at the bar.

Sparky hanging out at the bar

Lounging in one of his many spots on the boat, and being an uncooperative model as usual.

lounging on the boat

Southwinds Park, in Islamorada, actually has a water fountain just for dogs!

doggie water fountain at Southwinds Park

We just got an unexpected package from our friend, photographer Laura Moore, with treats and toys, and a new GoPro head mount. I may try to modify the mount, and use it as a mount for a Sparky cam. Or maybe use it to mount my Indigi GoPro clone on one of the jetskis at work.

new toys and treats

2 Responses to The Rough Life Of A Boat Dog

    • It doesn’t take much. Don’t leave him alone on the boat. Put him on the paddleboard immediately after dropping it in the water. That’s about it.

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