The Season Is Finally Here…And So Is A Day Off!

So far it hasn’t been the busiest summer, but for most of this month I have been getting at least one snorkel trip or jetski tour a day. In addition to that, the boat has been a revolving door for Airbnb guests.

Between working in the sun for a few hours, riding my bike in the heat to get to work, and the long row to the boat…often with guests, I’ve been exhausted lately. Needless to say I’ve really been slacking with the site.

The Season Has Begun

A few days ago we finally had a few nights with the boat to ourselves. That’s when the winds finally decided to stop, the sun kicked up a few notches, and the ocean flattened out. We finally have the amazing visibility on the reef that you expect to see this time of year.

Of course with these great conditions everyone wants to get out on the water. This weekend I had 2 back to back days with 3 trips, ending later than usual. That really just means I finally worked 2 full days. But when you’re not used to that schedule, and you have to pedal to work, and row out to a boat, it can be pretty tiring.

And It Brings Treasures!

I ended the weekend with a day of some great tips, a six pack of Sam that was delivered for me, while I was out on my last trip of the day, and a free dinghy anchor, that our other boat found on Alligator Reef. Not a bad day!

The Season Is Finally Here

And Then A Small Break

Yesterday was the first day in a long time that I didn’t have work and we didn’t have anyone staying on the boat. Sparky was happy to not be left alone for a change and to finally spend a whole day on shore.

We ran around in the morning to get a few errands done (nothing interesting enough to write about here). Then we met one of the other live aboards for lunch at a local bar that we haven’t been to in a long time. The change of scenery and the air conditioning was really nice.

And Back To It

Today I was back to my normal schedule. Two snorkel trips and two Airbnb guests tonight. But I feel a lot better after having that little break. Who knows, maybe I’ll even have it in may to get another post out without a 2 week gap between them this time.

2 Responses to The Season Is Finally Here…And So Is A Day Off!

  1. Wow you’ve had quite a trip there – very interesting stuff. Can I ask – are you into this diving type thing on a regular basis, I’ve noticed you mentioned snorkeling a few times.
    I also enjoyed the video but can I ask – what is the swimmer swimming up to? Looks like some sort of birds but I can’t be sure 🙂

    • I’ve been diving for years, but don’t get to dive as often as I’d like. I used to run a sail and snorkel charter on my catamaran, so I was in the water almost every day. Now I’m working for a dive shop down here, running snorkel trips on a smaller power boat.

      There’s no birds in the water here. They’re just swimming up to another person. Now that I look at it again, I guess from a distance it does look like it could be some sort of animal.

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