The Season Is Over…But The Fun Isn’t!

Things around here have been winding down for a few weeks now. Sparky is happier because I’ve been able to spend a lot more time with him. After a really busy Labor Day weekend, the season in the Upper Keys is over. Now we have more time to do other things.

Boats anchored in the bay with very little traffic on the water

Going Back To Surf Expo

Tonight we’re leaving for Orlando to go to Surf Expo, the biggest board sports show in the world. A lot of the biggest manufacturers are going to be there, including Riviera, Boga, Hobie, Bogaert, Bote, BIC Sport, and a lot more.

The show starts off tomorrow with demo day, where you get to try out everyone’s boards. After that it’s three days at the Convention Center, checking out all of the new toys.

It’s Not Just Boards

It’s not just going to be paddleboard companies, though. There are going to be hundreds of manufacturers, including clothing companies like Quicksilver, and diving and snorkeling manufacturers like Cressi. PADI is even going to be there introducing their new Freediving Class.

Keep an eye out here. I’ll be posting daily updates from the show, and in the next few weeks I’ll be writing some new reviews for boards, and some of the other toys that I see there.

My new business cards and camera ready to go
My new business cards and camera ready for the show

While I’m there, I’m also going to be checking out a few things for my boss like finding out about becoming a GoPro dealer, and looking for custom printed rash guards.

Sparky’s Vacation And New Toys

Even though he is the mascot, unfortunately Sparky can’t go to the show. I found a place for him to stay, though, thanks to a new site called It’s just like Airbnb, but for your dog. He’ll be staying at someone’s house in Orlando, right by the Convention Center.

Hopefully we’ll be coming back from the show with our new paddleboard…FINALLY. Maybe that and the idea of getting to paddle more, now that work is less busy, will help cheer Sparky up.

There’s Always Something To Do On A Boat

Of course, no road trip would be complete without a stop at West Marine. I need to get new carabiners for the rudders and the steering lines. I originally used cheap ones from the hardware store, so of course they’re rusting pretty bad. And the plastic oar sockets on the dinghy cracked, like they always do on Walker Bays. So I’m replacing them with stainless ones, like I did on the old dinghy.

Freediving Class And More Training Soon

Speaking of freediving classes, next weekend I’m heading down to Marathon to take my Freediver Level 1 class. I’m going to be staying with friends on their boat, in Boot Key. I’ll be spending most of the weekend in a classroom and a pool, but it will still be nice to get down to Marathon again.

It’s been way too long!

There’s a few other classes that might be taking in the next few months too. Nothing is definite yet, though, so I’ll save the rest for a future post.

4 Responses to The Season Is Over…But The Fun Isn’t!

  1. Great job and website as well!
    Your theme is very close to one of my hobbies Sailing. I am not counting myself as a professional, but enjoy it from my early ages. After was high seas as navigation officer on cargo ships. Making two round the world voyages in my career and carrying perishable fruits from different exotic places. You can visit my to check out. Who knows, maybe any usable info for you could be found.
    Riga, Latvia

    • Thanks Andrejs!

      It sure beats my old cubicle. I don’t really consider myself a professional sailor either. On the other hand you have some serious experience and sea miles under your belt. Cool site! These days I’m going all PC based and tablet based for my navigation.


      • I am sometimes invited to sail as navigator, but still would like to have may own yacht..
        When it comes about tablet or PC based navigation, it is ok, just do not stop at smartphone apps alone as the main navigation device. Count it as an addition, backup device.

        • I’ve used my tablet as my main navigation in the past, but I was cruising a somewhat familiar area. Otherwise the tablet or phone is just a backup. My main navigation is my laptop using Coastal Explorer.

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