There’s Always Something To Do On A Boat

Now that the Turtle is powered by a small outboard that sips fuel, I’ve decided to stick with a small external fuel tank. This will keep things simpler, and help avoid some potential problems.

pile of boat gear

One of the old fuel tanks is already gone, and someone was interested in buying the other one. So this week I decided to remove the old vents and deck fills, and patch the holes. This way I can use, the area where the old tanks were installed for more storage.

Nothing Ever Goes As Planned

It’s been a while since I’ve done any fiberglass work, and although this was a small project, it took much longer than expected, as usual. And of course, I made the mistake of starting on it in the afternoon.

Old fuel tank compartment, now going to be used for extra storage
Old fuel tank compartment, now going to be used for extra storage

It’s been pretty hot down here, considering it’s November, so the epoxy was curing very fast. That meant I had to mix a few more batches than I had hoped. Of course, with the longer work time out in the sun, I was drenched from sweat and exhausted by the time I was done.

Everything On a Boat Is Broken…

You just don’t know it yet. When I finally finished with the fiberglass work, I sat down to get some work done on the computer. Except instead of starting like normal, I got a message that said “Preparing Automatic Repair” and then just a black screen.

I tried restarting multiple times, but the same thing kept happening. After wasting a few hours in the afternoon, searching for and trying possible solutions, I finally gave up. I had to restore my computer. So the last 2 days have been spent reinstalling all of the updates, and all of my software. I’m still not completely finished.

My New Schedule

At the beginning of the week I planned out a whole new schedule for working on the website, and for working out. I really need to get my butt back in shape after spending way too much time at happy hour.

Amazingly, even with all of the computer problems, boat projects, and getting called into work a few times, I’ve stuck to it for the most part. I missed one planned bike ride, and I had planned on writing this post…well, maybe not this post, but a new post 2 days ago.

Not too bad considering all of the unexpected obstacles. Hopefully next week, things start going more smoothly.

2 Responses to There’s Always Something To Do On A Boat

  1. Wow! Sounds like you had a hectic day with the boat and your computer. I have to assume working on a boat is much harder than working on a computer. Well, because I’ve never worked on a boat.At least you’re getting work done. And trying to find time to workout?? Sounds like youre a very hard worker. Nice post.

    • It really depends on your definition of hard Trevor. Of course anything you do on a boat is going to be much harder physically than working on a computer. Working on a computer can be really mentally draining, especially when you’re troubleshooting a problem, and running into dead ends.

      The schedule has been working great. I’ve only missed a few workouts, mostly because of weather or work, but still got at least some exercise in. And so far I’ve been sticking to my writing schedule too, although some posts have been getting done a little later than planned.

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