Upgrades Part 3

Here’s the final post about modifications and upgrades that were made to the boat. The following is a list of things that were added for comfort and convenience.

Helm Seat

A swiveling captain’s chair and swiveling and sliding admiral’s chair were installed. They were mounted using a Garelick side mount kit, 2 swivels, a Garelick seat slide, and Starboard. I also installed a footrest in front of the captain’s chair, which was fabricated from stainless tubing, starboard, and 2 bimini deck mounts.

This allows you to sit in a much more comfortable position at the helm when cruising long distances. When we’re motoring along you can even lounge back in the Admiral’s chair and steer with the remote for the auto pilot.

Shades And Screens

I installed Oceanair Surface SkyScreen, hatch screen and shade combos in all of the hatches. This saves us some storage space, since shades and screens no longer need to be stored when not in use, because they’re both on a roller inside the frame of the SkyScreen.

Also, you can pull out both the shade and the screen at the same time, connect the ends, and adjust the position for your comfort, depending on the breeze and just how much sun is shining through the hatch.

More Hatches

5 additional hatches were added. 2 were installed on the front window of the master cabin which has been painted over, and 3 across the window on top the doghouse in front of the helm. The hatches in the cabin allow much more of a breeze when trying to sleep on a hot night.

The ones near the helm improve visibility, as the old window was getting pretty cloudy. Also when sitting at anchor, or motoring on a hot sunny day with no wind, they can be opened to get a nice breeze at the helm and in the cockpit.

Composting Head

The Raritan marine head was replaced with a Nature‚Äôs Head composting toilet. The solids bin lasts much longer than a holding tank, doesn’t smell like the heads on most boats, and when it fills you simply bag it and throw it out on shore. The liquids bin fills up a little faster, but still not much more than a holding tank on a standard marine head and you simply just dump it in a toilet on shore.

Water Tanks

The fill lines for the fresh water system were shortened, the vents were relocated and the vent lines were rerouted. This makes filling the water tanks much easier than the way the boat comes from the factory.

Fuel Tanks

After re-powering the boat with a Honda outboard, I decided to use a portable fuel tank, instead of the below deck tanks. I removed both of the permanent tanks, and freed up that space for a little more storage.

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