Welcome To Palm Beach!

After a month on the road…er water, I finally made it to my new home in West Palm Beach. I dropped the hook right next to my friend Stu’s Gemini 3400, Shearwater. I’m just off the channel, in water that only a Gemini wouldn’t hit ground in, between the Palm Beach Sailing Club and Rybovich, where all the mega yachts stay.

The SS Depth Gauge

Another neighbor who just moved in is a little badly beaten sailboat anchored in water that’s way to shallow for its draft. From what I’ve heard it belongs to this strange old guy, who lives on another beat up old boat near the club. Apparently he’s a longtime sailor and racer who’s been there and done that…at least according to him.

Manatees drinking from a hose

You’d think after all those years, he would have at least learned how to anchor. If nothing else, the boat makes a great depth gauge, though. Depending on the angle of the mast, I know if I can do a straight run to the dock, or if I have to stay in the channel.

Manatees At The Dock

In the short time that I’ve been here I’ve already seen tons of manatees. A mother manatee and a pup swam right up to the dock at the club just the other day.

We stuck the hose in the water, and hey drank from it for a while, which we later learned actually isn’t a good thing to do. Apparently feeding them this way, makes them less self sufficient, and less afraid of humans, which means they’re more likely to get hit by a boat.

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