Welcome To The Rainy Season?

I’m starting to wonder if we’re still in the Florida Keys, or if we’ve unknowingly been teleported someplace like Seattle. The rain here has been non stop, There normally is a lot of rain down here, towards the end of hurricane season, but it’s kind strange for this time if year.

And we’re getting much more of it than I’ve seen since I’ve been living down here. There was so much water in the dinghy this morning that it almost sunk, when I stepped into it to bail it out.

This video is actually from a few months ago. The rain we’ve been getting this week     
has been even worse, or at least sustained for much longer periods.     

The Timing Couldn’t Be Any Better

It was just the day after putting my new batteries in that this weather started. I’ve been running the engine a few hours every day to keep them from draining too much. They didn’t even have a full day of sun to charge, before this weather started.

Now It’s Raining Inside The Boat

It’s as if it’s raining so hard that it’s washing any sealant on the boat away. I already had one hatch that started leaking recently. As of yesterday a second one started leaking.

Last night I woke up to find my phone in a puddle of water on the dresser. Good thing it seems to do well against water, even though it’s not waterproof. The window on the front of the boat is now leaking too, and the water is running along the trim inside the cabin, and that’s where it’s dripping.

Welcome To The Rainy Season

Working In The Rain

I was planning on finally pulling the rudder out and repairing it today, since the winds were finally going to calm down. Now it looks like it’s going to rain all day. I guess I can, but I really don’t feel like working out in the rain, if I can avoid it. At Least I won’t need to use any of the water aboard to rinse off.

The hatches on the other hand, will have to wait. I can’t really fix any of these leaks until it stops raining, which looks like it might not be until Thursday. So I guess we’re going to be trapped inside for another few days. Only now we’re going to be getting rained on anyway.

I guess I better do a fuel run, before it starts up again. Maybe it’s time to add a wind generator to that boat list. What do you think is the best way to keep your batteries charged, when there’s no sun for days?

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  1. Hi,
    Indeed climatic changes have taken a toll on the global weather systems and they are becoming unpredictable much as we have sophisticated meteorological equipment in modern times. Venturing out in a weather like you’ve described is really a risky affair but all in all, I like to see that you know your way around such challenges as heavy rains bring.
    Nice post!

    • Absolutely! Weather is becoming stranger, more extreme, and often out of season. The biggest problem right now is not being able to get the work that I need done, because of the rain. That and not working at all because of the rain either.

  2. I honestly have no idea what to recommend. I’m thinking of spare batteries but I think my suggestion here would be quite unorthodox.

    I don’t think anyone wants to work out in the rain. I mean, it’s better off to wait till it stops and continue repair them.

    Honestly, at times, it really is annoying. That you prepare everything and all in a sudden, something messes things up and you don’t see that coming.

    • You can only carry so many batteries on a boat, and I already have a pretty big battery bank. Adding more does no good, if you can’t keep them charged.

      I picked up a generator a few weeks ago, and it’s brought them back up. Now they’re doing good with just the solar, and I only have to run the generator few times a week.

      This has been a really rough winter. When it’s not raining, it’s just been really windy and/or cold, making it difficult to get work done.

  3. Hi Chris! I was just checking in with you to see if they rain ever let up and you got those repairs finished. We had a wet (but much colder and snowier) winter here in West Virginia and tons of rain this spring so far too. I don’t like getting in an out of my car in the rain for my job so I couldn’t imagine being surrounded by it and trying to literally work in it. Hope you got it all worked out!

    • Hey Scott! Yes the rain and the wind have finally slowed down, now that we’re getting into spring. The boat also finally has 2 working rudders again. Here’s a post I wrote about the repair.

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