Westerbeke Parts Are Filling Up My Cockpit!

It’s starting to look like I’m running a parts counter on the boat. I’ve been trying to sell my old diesel engine for months now, pretty much since the moment I arrived in West Palm without it running. Other than a low a really low ball offer and someone local who backed out at the last-minute I haven’t really had much interest.

The last few days have been spent pulling the engine apart piece by piece, so I can try to sell some of the major parts separately. So far it’s only going marginally better, so now instead of just an old engine hidden away in an engine compartment I also have boxes full of Westerbeke parts everywhere.

Westerbeke Parts

Supply And Demand

I kind of had my hopes up that with the ridiculously high price on Westerbeke parts that I’d be able to sell a few of the major more commonly needed ones for a decent price. By parting the engine out I actually thought I’d get more than I would have for the whole engine. Same as with the whole engine, though, there have only been a few offers on the parts.

The few parts that have gone so far have sold for a lot less than what I was expecting. I guess there’s just less of a demand than I thought. That and with aftermarket parts that sell for half of the OEM people are people just aren’t willing to pay that much for an old part that’s going to need to be cleaned and painted.

Not All Is Lost

On the other hand any money is better than nothing at all. As the old saying goes “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Some people would say just throw it out, but I disagree. Even if I can get just a few dollars for something, that’s a few dollars that I didn’t have. I’m also helping another boater out, by providing a cheap part. That way they don’t need to go buy the new overpriced part.

Lastly and maybe most importantly, the parts are going to good use instead of filling up a landfill. Besides all of that, the old engine weighs more than 300 lbs, and it’s crammed in a tiny little space. Stripping some of the bigger parts off is going to make it much easier to pull out of the boat.

What To Do With What’s Left?

Once my parts store closes down, I’ll be left with just the engine block, manifold, injectors, and few other parts on it. At that point I have a few options. Re-list as just a block and accept whatever pennies I can get for it. Take it to a scrap yard. Clean it and degrease it really good and use it for a mooring anchor. What would you do with your old unwanted engine?

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    • Sparky thanks you Steve. He’s a likable little guy who makes friends everywhere. Sometimes I wonder if instead of trying to come up with new content all the time if I should just post a new Sparky photo and/or video every day.

  1. Hi Chris, as I have already mentioned on the WA site, I love the Boat Dog Sparky and he will bring you a lot of biz and the site is cracking mate ahoy me hearties or something like that. Have a great day.

    • Thanks again Gary! I think if I had it in me to maintain 2 websites right now Sparky would get his own site. On the other hand maybe a site about Sparky and promoting things for pets would do better than a site about our adventures anyway.

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