Why We Paddle

Stand up paddleboarding in the fastest growing sport in the world right now. With activities that can fit and fitness and skill level, there is no question why. Here are just a few reasons to get out on the water, on your board.

Paddling the Florida Keys

Exercise And Fitness

Paddleboarding is a great form of exercise, that gives all of your core muscles a workout. Your leg muscles also get work, from balancing yourself on the board, even more so in rougher conditions, or depending on the type of paddling you’re doing, SUP surfing, for example.

Depending on the pace you’re paddling at, you also have the potential to burn a ton of calories.

Paddleboard Yoga

Yoga its self is also becoming very popular these days, so it’s no surprise that someone had the idea to combine the two. A SUP makes a good level platform for practicing many yoga poses. Doing yoga while floating on the water ups the intensity by making balance even more of a challenge.

You can get out on the water and practice yourself, or take a class. Many gyms that are located near the water, as well as a lot of paddleboard tour and rental companies are starting to offer paddleboard yoga classes.

Adventure And Exploration

Another great reason to get out on the water is to simply explore the outdoors. Whether it’s touring a remote location, where few others have ever been, while paddleboard camping, or paddling through the mangrove tunnels of the Florida Keys, the possibilities are endless.

With this kind of paddling, there’s also a great possibility to spot wildlife. We’ve seen manatees, small sharks, stingrays, and even turtles swim right under our board.

Night paddling is also becoming very popular now. By going out after dark, with lights on the board, you can often see animals that aren’t out during the day.


Getting out on the water for a casual paddle can be very relaxing, especially on a calm day. Even better, do it early in the morning or later in the day, when there’s less traffic on the water, and things are even quieter.

Take a break from the paddling, and just sit on your board. Relax as you drift along, while enjoying the sounds of the nature around you and the water splashing against the board.

Paddleboard Diving

Ok, so I kind of made this one up. I haven’t really seen anyone doing this yet, but I’m sure you will. People have been diving from kayaks for years, so the idea of diving from a paddleboard seems like a no brainer.

For scuba, you’d likely need one of the larger inflatable whitewater boards to better balance your gear. If you’re just snorkeling or free diving, though, a touring board or any all-around board will work.


If you’re interested in competing, you can find tons of SUP events all over the world. There are races for flatwater paddling, as well as SUP surfing competitions.

The Future Looks Bright

These are just a few of the ways that people are getting out to paddleboard now. As the sport continues to grow, I’m sure many more activities will be added to this list. Can you think of any that I missed?

What kind of paddleboarding do you like to do?

4 Responses to Why We Paddle

  1. Hi Chris,

    I’ve never paddleboarded before, erm.. does kayaking is included? Then maybe once.

    I agree with you that paddling can be a way to exercise and explore outdoors. On the other hand, paddleboard yoga sounds new to me. But I think it totally make sense.

    Imagine yourself in the middle of quiet lake, doing yoga on your paddleboard. That must be something I should try.

    • Rina,

      Paddleboarding is very different than kayaking. You’re standing up, using a single bladed paddle, and it’s similar to a surfboard, not boat. Although, some of the activities I listed here can also be done while kayaking.

      I haven’t personally tried paddleboard yoga yet, other than just goofing around trying a few poses. It really seems to be taking off, though. If you enjoy yoga and being on the water, it’s definitely worth a try.


  2. Hi Chris,

    Really nice post on SUP. I am actually working with a friend at the moment to start a SUP camp here in Costa Rica. It is definitely a grow industry and we have had lots of inquiries. It is great exercise and most of all people have the time of there life. You have so many variations that I never even thought off. Great post

    • Awesome Xander!

      Are you hiring, or want another partner? I’m getting PaddleFit certified next month, and I’m really thinking about opening sort of a SUP camp/retreat type place too.

      I really have my eyes on Belize. It would be the perfect spot for my Paddleboard Diving idea, since the reefs there are amazing, and so close to shore. Unfortunately, even though I’d be able to get the property, and open the business, you need a tour guide license, which from what I hear you have zero chance of getting as a non resident.

      In the meantime, I may just start something small here in the Keys. But I’m dying to get down your way!

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