Winter In The Keys

After a very busy Christmas week and one whole day with no wind, winter has arrived in the Keys. The winds are back up again, and temperatures are down to the 60s.

We were planning on getting out on the paddleboard today, knowing that the Christmas tourists would mostly be gone. I think Sparky would rather hide inside and cuddle all day. Yeah…I know it’s not that cold, but he’s a native Floridian, and I’ve lived here long enough for my blood to thin.

Boat Work And Other Chores

Since I likely won’t be working too much, thanks to the weather, once again, I’ll have time to get some work done on the boat. I can track down and seal some of those leaks that recently appeared on the boat and finally pull the rudder out and attempt to repair it.

We can also get some other chores done. Later this week I’m planning on doing another big laundry run. This time I’ll be trying out our new bike trailer for the first time.

Winter In The Keys
Gray and gloomy skies over Islamorada

No More Slacking

I’ll also be able to refocus and start working on the site again. I’ve been slacking big time since just before Christmas, and then for the last week, being busy with work.

Besides just posting more, there are a few issues with the mobile version of the site that need to be fixed. I’ve been thinking about starting up a Facebook campaign and some other paid advertising, that I keep pushing back.

And Other Important Things

Before I get started on any of the boat work or the website, there’s another very important task that needs to be completed. I really need to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens Again!

4 Responses to Winter In The Keys

  1. 60 degrees in winter… I can’t even imagine that! Where I live we’re lucky if it’s above freezing in the winter! I really love the name of your website and your banner. It’s very eye-catching 🙂
    I too have been slacking off over the holidays and it’s time to get into busy mode! I wish you the best of luck this coming year!

    • Yes I know, I’m a wimp. It was much colder up in NJ the winter before I left. It doesn’t take long for your blood to thin, though. Boats also have no insulation, and when things cool down and winds pick up, you feel it much more out on the water.


  2. It sounds like Sparky prefers summer over winter. Not the right place to be at especially when there’s a strong wind.

    It’s fine if you’ve been slacking. We all have been there and it’s just a matter of moving forward and not thinking about it.

    I hope all’s well with the technical issues with your site. It’s quite important to get it fixed because most visitors preferably view on smartphones.

    • Sparky is a native Floridian. His blood is even thinner than mine I think. This winter has been the coldest since we moved down here. We can’t wait for summer.

      Thanks! I was finally able to get the problems with my mobile site fixed, with a little help.

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